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Quote1.png My methods are a means to an end, no different than pruning weeds in order to let an orchid flourish. Those who stand in the way of my vision oppose me because they fear me, but more than that they fear what I represent. Change. Do you know why I despise Richards? And T'Challa? Because never once they reined in their own self-righteous arrogance long enough to try and see what I see. Never once have they asked me: Why? Do you want to know? Love. Measure my crimes against what mankind does to itself, and I am a saint. Humans (Homo sapiens) are a predator species. It's what brought us down from the trees, and it's what will ultimately reduce us to a historical footnote in cosmic history. I am more than a scientist, more than the power-hungry despot that Richards and the others paint me as. I am a sorcerer. I have looked into the future, I have seen how one violent action after another spins the world toward a future where all that remains of Earth is a burned out cinder. Every time I have looked into the future, that is what I have seen. Every time but one. In one possible future mankind becomes united. Cures for all diseases are found. Global conflict ends. Hunger is abolished, education is universal, and no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment. After a while, no one would dare lay hands upon the innocent, or commit a crime of hate, or steal bread from the table of another. Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish... and survive. Only one. Doomworld. Quote2.png
Dr. Doom

Appearing in "Doomwar (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Doomwar (Part 3)"

Shuri tells the Fantastic Four of all the recent events. Doctor Doom ambushed her brother T'Challa, an encounter which he narrowly survived. His injuries left him incapable of being the Black Panther again, so she had to fill in his shoes. Doom then infected most of the Wakandan royal family and many top aides and gathered many of their nation's secrets. With he and Shuri among the few uninfected, and unable to trust his wife or his military, T'Challa turns to use of magic to fight Doom and the Dora Milaje bodyguards. As T'Challa failed to find a way to defeat the nanite infection without killing his family, Doom secretly supposed the isolationist movement, the Desturi, into a civil takeover of Wakanda so he could access their vibranium vault. Though the X-Men helped liberate Wakanda with as little bloodshed as possible, Doom had already escaped with the vibranium. And with the nanite infection still present, Shuri ordered the military to use EMPs on their own nation, blasting Wakanda back to the dark ages. With her story concluded, Shuri then asks the FF for their help.

Mr. Fantastic then asks if Doom stole all of the vibranium. T'Challa confirms it and says it's impossible, for the last lock on the vault was purity arch, designed to force a person to reveal his true self. If there was any trace of evil intent, that person would be disintegrated.

In a flashback to 36 hours ago, Doom takes off his armor and passes through the arch.

In the present, in T'Challa's secret lab, Shuri is in conference with N'iix and Aneka over the restoration of Wakanda and the hunt for the remaining Desturi cells. N'iix says that the Desturies are committing suicide bombings, resulting 14 civilian deaths. Aneka says that their prisoners, whom she leaned on hard, had no relevant information. N'iix then brings up the head of a Doombot and they discuss the possibility of Doom unlocked the secret of the mystical properties of vibranium.

Meanwhile, Doom prepares the ritual for the vibranium as the Broker tells him that T'Challa has regained control of his military.

T'Challa, Sue Storm and Storm take note of the vibranium vault. He wonders how Doom tricked his way pass what he claims is the ultimate lie detector. A soldier then comes in, announcing that the Desturi have taken members of the press hostage. Storm goes off to handle it and Sue follows just to watch. Swiftly, Storm saves the hostages.

T'Challa shows Mr. Fantastic his formula for his vibranium tracker, able to locate it on a quantum level. Mr. Fantastic says that Doom wouldn't have taken the vibranium to Latveria to weaponize, not without facing worldwide reprisals. T'Challa concurs and says it's up to both of them to hunt Doom down.

Later, T'Challa shows everyone the sixteen probably locations where Doom has stored all the Wakanda vibranium, most of which can be traced back to the Broker. Zakar says that Doom always has a number of campaigns going at once and the Broker is managing everything.

In a flashback, Doom has been transported to the realm of Bast, the Panther God, who threatens to devour him should he lie. Bast calls on him for the many sins. However, Doom shows her the many other sins of mankind. Out of the many futures he has seen, either utopia or dystopia, he has seen one where he rules and mankind flourishes: Doomworld. Bast judges that while his methods are vile, his intent is pure. Thus, he has passed the test and the vibranium is his to take.

The FF and Wakanda strike teams go around the world to fight new types of Doombots.

Solicit Synopsis

The Fantastic Four join in as the fires of DoomWar escalate into a full-blown inferno! Sometimes you can win every battle and still lose the war. That’s the hard truth facing the Black Panther and the X-Men as they reel from Doctor Doom’s most crippling blow yet. Doom now has everything he requires to become the most powerful force on Earth. All he needs is the time to bring his newly invincible armies into the field. The clock is ticking and Doomsday is coming.

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