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Quote1.png Damn it, Reed, this isn't some logic puzzle for you to solve. This is a war, and we're losing. My people are dying out there! We've lost contact with your wife, your friends. We can't win if we keep playing by the rules. ... No more theorizing. I've already made the calls. Shuri was right all along. The only way to win this was to go straight for the throat. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Doomwar (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Doomwar (Part 4)"

The Fantastic Four, Storm and the Wakandans are battling Doombots in the Easter Island. Unfortunately, the vibranium composing the Doombots has been magically enhanced, making them physically tougher. Therefore, Shuri brings in vibranium-based weaponry to even the odds. However, Doom evacuated his factory and destroyed it, along with the rest of his Doombots. Upon analyzing the remains back in Wakanda, it is determined that Doom had programmed the Doombots to have adaptive intelligence, to give the others a strategic advantage. With various other fabrication facilities Doom stationed across the world, Shuri opted to take strike teams and deal with them. But despite her initiative, they sustain heavy casualties in combating the other Doombots, which slowly learn from their battles. T'Challa opposes how her callousness in throwing away the lives of her followers, but Shuri counters that Doom sees him as predictable. T'Challa could only admit to Mr. Fantastic that she is right. He made the mistake of augmenting himself with magic to go hand-to-hand with Doom, for the fight isn't going to be won through muscle or technology. Therefore, he has to undergo unorthodox methods, bringing up a hologram of an unspecified containment system.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four and the Wakandans hit multiple facilities across globe. However, Doom isn't concerned, for he knows that he has already won. He is proven right when his foes begin to tire out and weaken, further justifying T'Challa's point that they need to be unorthodox and hit Doom where it hurts. Mr. Fantastic asks what does he mean.

On Latveria's southern border, a gypsy named Ygor approaches the checkpoint. The two sentries go out to check his passports. One finds in his wagon a cache full of weapons, before Ygor kills them both. "Ygor" is in fact revealed to be Deadpool, who storms Castle Doom, yelling, "Dooooooo-mie! I'm ho-o-o-o-o-ome!"

Solicit Synopsis

So far, Doctor Doom has won every round. With an army of indestructible shock troops, a horde of enhanced super-villains, and a new and terrifying level of personal power at his disposal, Doom is ready to crush the Fantastic Four, Storm and the Panthers for good. The only chance our heroes have to survive Doom’s deadly game is to change the rules. Enter: Deadpool.

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