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Quote1 Is this a private war -- or can anyone join? Quote2
War Machine

Appearing in "Doomwar (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Doomwar (Part 5)"

Shuri's attempts to take down Doom's production factories has only increased the number of casualties and they only recovered eight percent of the vibranium he stole. T'Challa sees that since Doom knows about Wakandan technology and is calculative, there's no way they can win this. Shuri insists that they have to take out Doom himself. But first, they need to find him first, along with the majority of the vibranium. And T'Challa has a plan, the most impossible and dangerous one.

Meanwhile, in Doom's private lab, the Broker approaches him, reminding that besides running his global network, he also shouldn't underestimate his foes. Doom brushes his concerns off, as he had never underestimated Mr. Fantastic or T'Challa due to decades of experience. The Broker also adds about the costly collateral damage to his facilities but Doom cares not, for when he's done, he won't need it.

T'Challa has hired a chaotic element into this game: Deadpool, who has been to Latveria, determining that Doom isn't there, and rounding up a net full of Doombot heads. T'Challa and Mr. Fantastic introduce Deadpool to the Nowhere Room, a device combining science and alchemy as shadow physics. With this device, they might be able to locate the vibranium on a quantum level. However, Mr. Fantastic is concerned about the fact that going through the process of omniexistence field would tear someone apart, even go mad. T'Challa has considered this, and therefore, he has summoned a special group of the Dora Milaje -- the Midnight Angels -- as Deadpool's backup; Deadpool can only say, "Do you believe in love at first, second, third and fourth sight?"

Meanwhile, Shuri's team has managed to locate one of Doom's computers, listing all of his funding require to maintain his operations. If they can take away his funding, he can't even wage a war; even the Broker wouldn't work for free. They then donate over a hundred billion Euros to charities; the Broker fears that Doom will kill him for letting Shuri turn him into a humanitarian.

Elsewhere, Storm and the Fantastic Four are having difficulties against Doombots and villains guarding the vibranium. Shuri is assisted by War Machine, who has been called in by Mr. Fantastic. He gives her a cyclical repulsor cell, to help hide and randomize her suit's energy signature, so the Doombots can't adapt.

Deadpool is strapped with harness to help him maintain physical integrity inside the Nowhere Room. Once he find the vibranium, he will send a signal to the Midnight Angels. Once inside, Deadpool is subjected to a variety of different aspects of himself, like being portrayed as Galactus. he soon emerges in Latveria. But as soon as he steps out, his left arm falls off. It took twenty minutes for it to reattach it, while sending out his distress signal. Unfortunately, sensor shielding prevent them from proving that Doom is holding the vibranium in his castle. Without proof for the World Court, the worse scenario is war. However, T'Challa doesn't care about politics and is determined to take Doom out. At that moment, Deadpool is grabbed by the head by Doom, who new vibranium-type armor is brimming with energy.

Solicit Synopsis

The Fantastic Four, Storm, Deadpool and the Panthers continue to hammer at Doctor Doom, attacking his worldwide network, destroying his factories, and trying to force him to face them on the field of battle. But you have to be careful what you wish for, because when Doom wages total war, he doesn’t leave any ammunition behind.


  • When Deadpool is asked about science, he only says that he's seen the classic Star Trek, but not The Next Generation" with Patrick Stewart, who played Professor X in the first X-Men film.
  • Deadpool makes a self-reference to having his own comic book.

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