Quote1.png Thank you… thank you, you pathetic fools. Most of you don't know me. I'm the Dread Doormammoomoo, the great and mighty--and ever so slightly despotic mystical ruler of the Not-Too-Bright Dimension, and-- Oh? Do we have someone from the Not-Too-Bright Dimension in the audience tonight…? Guards! Seize that man!!! But seriously, folks, the reason I'm here tonight is because, well, when you have as much power as I do, you can pretty much be wherever you want!! Heh. Quote2.png
-- Doormammoomoo src


An extradimensional despot from the Not-too-bright dimension and sworn enemy of Dr. Deranged, he gave magic to comedian Benny Barumpbump so that Dr. Deranged would take Barumpbump as his disciple - knowing that stoic Deranged would have a hard time dealing with Barumpbump's constant jokes and pranks. This led to Doormammoomoo monitoring Earth frequently for his perverse enjoyment, something that confused his subjects. When Dormammoomoo visited Earth as a guest of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, Deranged thought he was a danger and tried to stop him, only to be defeated by Dormammoomooo - but then Barumpbump defeated Dormammoomoo with the help of Deranged's previous disciple Klea and using a Mel Blanc routine.[1]

Apparently having gotten the hang of TV shows, Dormammoomoo was next seen in the audience of Super-villain Dating Game, enjoying the beauty of contestant Trixie Larue.[2] He still kept an eye of Deranged, spying him from the Cauldron of the Cosmos.[3]

When Klea (who then was known as Cleanex) disappeared, Deranged looked for her in the Dimly-Lit-Dimension-That-Didn't-Pay-Its-Light-Bill (probably the same as the Not-too-bright dimension), where he could only see thanks to The Flashlight of Mister Moto. After a hard fight, Deranged got rid of the (really) Mindless Ones, but attracted the attention of Doormammoomoo, who by then went by the monnicker of Dreaded Dormamoomoo. Dormamoomoo decided that Deranged was too stupid to be allowed to live, and the Deranged mentioned Dormamoomoo a fact that Dormamoomoo had been missing for a long time: His head was burning. Dormamoomoo ran away in fear. Still, Deranged did not find Cleanex there.[3]

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