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Dopinder was a taxi driver Deadpool hailed on his way to kill his enemy. On the way there, Deadpool got Dopinder talking about how he was supposed to be engaged with a girl named Gita and how she preferred his cousin, Bandhu, over him. Deadpool gave Dopinder advice on how he should never let go of love. When they arrived at their destination, Deadpool didn't have any money to pay for the fare, so he just gave Dopinder a high five.

A couple days later, Dopinder was called by Deadpool for a ride again. Deadpool was once again headed to kill his enemy, but this time, he brought a giant metal man and a teenage girl with him. A bump in the road caused a man in the trunk of the cab to scream. Dopinder revealed the man in the trunk to be Bandhu. Dopinder received praise from Deadpool, and was told to kill him and kidnap Gita.

A few minutes after he dropped off Deadpool, he received a call from Deadpool. Dopinder was unable to pick up the call for a truck pulled up in front of him, which forced him to come to a abrupt halt. The car at his rear crashed into the trunk of the taxi, causing much pain to Bandhu. Bandhu started screaming, which caught on-lookers' attention.[1]


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