Dora Scott (Earth-616) from Blonde Phantom Comics Vol 1 19 0002

Dora Scott

Dora Scott was a criminal who was active during the 1940s, during this period she was arrested for an undisclosed crime. While doing time in prison she befriended Dr. Demise an plastic surgeon who was sent to prison by the Blonde Phantom and private detective Mark Mason for her unethical and unauthorized human tests.

Dora Scott (Earth-616) from Blonde Phantom Comics Vol 1 19 0003

Dora Scott after plastic surgery.

The pair of women were paroled in 1948 and Dora agreed to assist Dr. Demise in getting revenge against the Blonde Phantom and Mark Mason. Doris underwent plastic surgery to make her look like the Blonde Phantom. Then under the hypnotic command of Dr. Demise she dressed up like the heroine and shot a random person on the street. This drew out the real Blonde Phantom who was captured by Dr. Demise. Dora was then sent out to lure Mark Mason back to Demise's home. There Mason was hypnotized and brought to Washington Square Park to shoot a police office. However the real Blonde Phantom followed and easily beat her impostor. Mark snapped out of Dr. Demise's hypnotic command and subdued the Doctor.[1]

Both women were then turned over to the police, their subsequent fates are unknown.


No known paranormal powers


Dora carried a pistol.

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