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The 10 heroes on the New Warriors List

Squrriel Girl's name could be seen on one of the news tickers promoting her new line of perfume.[1]

Later, when Spider-Man checked if he was still the number one superhero in New York, he's shocked to find himself listed on the 15th place of a poll and behind Dazzler, Hawkeye, Nova and Squirrel Girl. While he knows Hawkeye and Nova, he wonders who Squirrel Girl is.[2]

She tries to stop Juggernauts rampage with her Squirrel Army, which she succeeds but however, with collateral damage to the streets, where Spider-Man swings in and scolds at her for so, saying it doesn't make her a hero.[3]


Seemingly those of the Doreen Green of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Doreen Green of Earth-616.

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