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Dorian was leader of the Wild Boys when that gang first came to Halo City.[1] He split with the group under unknown circumstances, leaving Warbird in command.[2]

Dorian was back with the Wild Boys after Halo City flooded, working for the Vulture on his pirate flotilla. He was later killed by the Phalanx with the rest of the team.[3]



Generates a gamma charge through weaponry


Dorian's status during the X-Nation 2099 series was in a state of confusion, apparently due to miscommunication between creative teams. The Wild Boys mentioned in X-Nation 2099 how Dorian betrayed them to work for Doom. In Doom 2099, a character named Dorian DID appear, but he was a Latverian peasant from the 20th century during a time travel adventure, apparently unrelated to the Wild Boys' Dorian.

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