Dorian lived with his mother, Mrs Leech. After mutants were revealed to the world, he was quickly identified as a mutant for his unusual appearance, although his mother protested that he was normal. He would occasionally get headaches. When a group of humans (led by Duncan Matthews) clashed with several mutants (including Spyke and the X-Men), Dorian was present at the scene. After suffering a severe headache, his mutant powers activated for the first time, and he completely nullified all the energy in the area: the humans' weapons and the mutants' powers. His mother was angry that he had been revealed as a mutant, and asked how he could live a normal life. Spyke, then living with the Morlocks, sadly replied that he could not.[1]

Rogue later absorbed Dorian's powers during the attack against Apocalypse, using them to shut down his Eye of Ages and trap him inside.[2]


Seemingly those of Leech (Earth-616)#Powers. He could nullify any mutant power and energy within a large area.

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