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Doris was a elderly woman who sought pro bono legal consultation from Matt Murdock after her husband was hit by an uninsured motorist. Their medical insurance dropped him, which put a strain on the retirement benefits due to the medical expenses for his treatment. He didn't make it. Now alone, Doris lost her townhouse due to foreclosure showing her that the world had been monstrous to her. As Murdock went to her place with papers for her to sign, he noticed her place was empty and trashed. Fearing the worst, he donned his Daredevil costume to go search for her when he ran into Doombot and Hank Pym who were surveying the crash area of the city of Attilan after the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, blew it up over the island of Manhattan and released the Terrigen Mist into the Earth's atmosphere in the process.

Suddenly, the three of them were attacked by a some sort of squid-like creature with multiple tentacles. After hearing the monster talk, Daredevil realized the voice belonged to the same person he was looking for, Doris. She had been transformed by the mist due to her being one of the numerous Inhuman descendants. Daredevil calmed Doris down by telling her to breathe in and out which allowed her to come to her senses. Shortly after, Medusa, the Inhuman Queen, and Lockjaw teleported to her location to take her to a safe place where other newly manifested Inhumans were, so she could be with people of her own kind. Doris could not accept the hideous monster that she had turned into but was convinced by Doombot to go with Medusa so she could learn how to control her new gifts, and then teach the world a lesson for what they had done to her.[1]

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