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Doris Bray is an elderly woman who owned and operated an antiques dealership outside of Tucson, Arizona.

After the Terrigen Bomb's wandering cloud passed through the Sonoran Desert, it activated Doris' latent Inhuman genes prompting the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission to pay a visit in the R.I.V., though they determined she was not a threat.

Weeks later Ulysses Cain envisioned an event where Doris lost control of frightening reality manipulation abilities, which would ultimately result in the deaths of both she and her husband, Harold.

B. Urich and J. Drew Private Investigators went to confirm the accuracy of Ulysses' vision; however, they also did not perceive any danger. As they were leaving, Doris' newly-manifest powers did in fact go haywire, destroying their home, forcing Spider-Woman and Ben Urich to save the elderly couple's lives.

Jess contacted Crystal, and the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission returned to the scene, where Romeo used his empathic abilities to calm Doris and convince her to join them in order to learn how to properly utilize her newfound potential.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Reality Manipulation: Doris possesses the ability to manipulate reality on a structural level, as well as spontaneously generate blocks of matter in what she referred to as a "little parlor trick".[1]




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