Doris Evans was the love interest of both Wyatt Wingfoot and John Storm. Doris became engaged to Wyatt instead of John, but on the eve of her wedding, John kidnapped her and brought her aboard the Fantastick during the Fantastick Four's journey to rescue William Shakespeare from Baron Otto von Doom and the Frightful Four.

After everyone arrived at Bensaylum, Doris became jealous when John became attracted to Numenor's cousin Rita, and she used Shakespeare in an attempt to lure John back.

Doris and Shakespeare got along quite well together, especially because the playwright was amazed by Doris' wit. Following Bensaylum's destruction, Doris returned to England, but she didn't marry Wyatt. Instead she joined Shakespeare as a writer, and eventually she became the actual author of some of Shakespeare's later plays. Though at the time, only Shakespeare received the credit because of the seventeenth century's patriarchal society.

Doris Evans is based on her Earth-616 counterpart, who was often the reluctant girlfriend of the Human Torch.

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