Doris Horton is the niece of famous scientist Phineas Horton the inventor of the Human Torch android. By the winter of 1943, Doris was a young woman who spent time in Sweden during World War II. She was entrusted with a list of Nazi spies that she was to smuggle into the United States. To this end, the list was hidden in her pearl necklace. Government officials insured that she would be safe by sending a decoy posing as her as well. Accompanying the decoy was British attache Vance Coburn, unknown to all a Nazi spy himself.

When Doris was scheduled to return to the United States, Horton contacted the Human Torch and asked to assist in bringing her to Washington, D.C. The Torch agreed, and when he met the decoy of Doris along with Coburn at the docks, the decoy was gunned down. While the Torch unsuccessfully tried to capture the shooters, Coburn pocketed the false set of pearls. The Torch was horrified to learn he "failed" his mission when his partner Toro showed up and told him that Doris was alive and well.

Going back to his home, he found this to be true, but the Torch would not learn the full truth of his mission until later. The Torch was then sent to escort Doris by train to Washington, D.C. Along the way, their train was derailed and Doris kidnapped. The Torch and Toro tracked her down to her captors' hideout, and when they threatened to shoot her, they smoked the crooks out instead and captured them.

The Torch and Toro soon learned Coburn's true stripes and defeated him before he could kill Doris and Phineas. After Coburn was apprehended, Phineas revealed the full nature of their mission.[1]

The subsequent activities of Doris Horton remain unrecorded.

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