Doris Jacquet and Phil Sheldon were planning their engagement in the late 1940's. While on her lunch break, Doris witnessed Namor evade the police and swim away. She told Phil about the incident, and they soon began to witness other superhuman occurrences in New York. While Doris and her mother busied themselves with preparations for the wedding, Phil observed Namor and the Human Torch tear apart their city and decided it was not safe to raise a family at this moment. Frustrated, Doris gave her engagement ring back to Phil and walked away.

Doris met her mailman Bill Lumpkin at a movie theater and introduced him to Phil, who was also watching the movie. The newsreel for the movie showed the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch working side by side in the war effort. Not soon after, Phil and Doris made up and started dating and falling in love again. When Phil lost his eye during, Doris visited him and they kissed and soon got married.[1]

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