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20th Century[]

Early life[]

The Lady Dorma was a member of the aristocracy of undersea Atlanteans, as the daughter of Wa-Than and the granddaughter of Wa-Korr.[2] She was born in the Atlantean settlement of Tha-Korr, established off the coast of Antarctica and ruled by her relative, Emperor Thakorr. She was the distant cousin of Namor, the Sub-Mariner, son of Princess Fen and Thakorr's grandson and future heir to the Atlantean throne. Although she was initially antagonistic toward her distant cousin, she eventually grew to love him in adulthood.[3]

Dorma (Earth-616) and Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 32 001

Lady Dorma with Namor


Dorma (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Vol 1 1 0001

When Emperor Thakorr sent Namor out to get revenge against the surface world, Dorma accompanied him in an attempt to win his heart. She assisted Namor in an attack on the Cape Anna Lighthouse but as he swam off, he ordered Dorma to return to Atlantis.[4]


After a number of conflicts with the surface dwellers, Namor returned home, where Dorma stood by Namor's side as their homeland was attacked in retaliation by Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris.[5] During the attack, Dorma assisted Namor in sinking Robinson's ship, the "Colleen" and taking Lynne Harris hostage.[6] With Lynne a prisoner of Atlantis, Princess Fen ordered that Namor was to marry Lynne, and Dorma was assigned to watch over the surface dweller while preparations were being made to perform surgery on her that would see her transformed into an amphibian. However, Lynne was rescued before she could be forced into marriage.[7]

Emperor Thakorr soon consented to allow Namor and Dorma to return to the surface world and fight the Nazis whom Namor had convinced Thakorr was the real threat. In preparation of her assistance, Dorma was also surgically altered to be able to breath on dry land, although these abilities proved only temporary. Dorma accompanied Namor to a French island where they helped local rebels in stopping a Nazi air raid.[8] After this victory, Namor discovered a secret cradle of Nazi U-Boats hidden on an island off the coast of Florida and dispatched Dorma back to Atlantis to gather a fleet of Nazi Aero-Subs which were used in destroying the submarine base.[9] However, Namor eventually sent Dorma back to Atlantis when he resumed his quest to capture Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris.[10] She was present when Namor convinced Thakorr to allow him to deal with Nazi forces in the Atlantic.[11]

After Namor took control of the Atlantean empire after Thakorr was knocked into a coma during a Nazi attack on the kingdom[12] he soon became heavily involved in World War II. During one of his long absences from Atlantis his uncle Daka took over the kingdom and imprisoned those who were loyal to Namor. Dorma managed to evade capture, and when Namor returned she assisted him in liberating Fen and the other prisoners and overthrew Daka's reign.[13] After which, Namor confided in Dorma that he needed a rest and soon.[14]

However, this rest did not come and Namor was soon absent from Atlantis for another extended period. During this time, Thakorr awoke from his coma and resumed control of Atlantis. Confused after his long recovery, he was tricked by Namor's cousin Byrrah and Warlord Krang that Namor had betrayed his people to the surface dwellers. An enraged Thakorr demanded that Namor be exiled from his kingdom. When Namor returned and learned the truth, Dorma attempted to follow Namor after he left, however she was stopped by Fen who told Dorma that Namor needs discover his own place in the world.[15]


After another extended leave from Atlantis, Namor returned home in 1954 to find that his people had turned against him. Lady Dorma informed Namor that his grandfather was furious that Namor renounced his war against the surface world and instead has chosen to help defend it. When Thakorr exiled Namor, Lady Dorma assisted him when the kingdom was later threatened by communist agents who were detonating the ice above Atlantis. Grateful that Namor saved the kingdom once again, Namor was released from his exile by Thakorr.[16] A year later, Namor attempted to approach the United Nations to petition the inclusion of Atlantis. However, he was chased away by an angry mob. Seeing that the prejudice of the surface world would prevent any alliances, the people of Atlantis decided to withdraw from the surface world and keep to themselves. During this period, Namor and Dorma began a budding relationship.[17] However this romance was torn apart when the realm of Atlantis was attacked by the telepath known as Destiny and his Helmet of Power. He used it to cause massive earthquakes that decimated Atlantis, apparently killing, Dorma's father, Princess Fen and Emperor Thakorr in the process. When Namor went to battle Destiny, his was stricken with amnesia. In the aftermath of the battle, the people of Atlantis became nomads along the deep, Destiny put himself into a state of suspended animation, and Namor spent the decades ahead wandering the streets of New York City struggling to remember who he really was.[18][17]

Modern Age[]

Reunion with Namor[]

The people of Atlantis soon came to settle in the Atlantic and built a new Atlantis to call home. During this time, Thakorr's step-son Byrrah assumed the rule of ruler of Atlantis. Mourning the loss of her father, Dorma was wooed by Warlord Krang who sought to marry Dorma, but she was hesitant to do so.[19] It was during this time that Namor's memory was restored and began searching for his people, while also declaring war against the surface world for decimating what he thought was Atlantis via atomic bomb tests.[20] After many clashes with the surface, regularly battling the heroic Fantastic Four[21] he discovered his lost people. Namor was welcomed back and crowned emperor, and was reunited with Dorma. Dorma then turned down Krang's engagement to be with Namor once again, earning Krang's wraith.[19] As his first act as restored emperor of Atlantis, Namor captured the Fantastic Four and ordered them to have the United Nations recognize the sovereignty of Atlantis over all the world's oceans and the airspace above them. When the UN later refused to do so, Namor launched an invasion of the surface world that was forced back thanks to an invention created by the Fantastic Four's leader Mr. Fantastic. Namor, who previously had feelings for the Fantastic Four's Invisible Girl kidnapped her in retaliation and headed back to Atlantis in a submarine piloted by Dorma and Krang. Jealous of Namor's interest in a surface woman, Dorma ejected the Invisible Girl into the ocean hoping she would drown. However, Namor rushed Sue Storm to a hospital, saving her life in the nick of time. Angered by this, Dorma and Krang returned to Atlantis and told their people how Namor saved the life of a surface woman and most of Namor's subjects then abandoned him, including Lady Dorma.[22] However, after a time, the people of Atlantis returned to their leader.[23]

Shortly after this, the barbarian known as Attuma attacked Atlantis with his horde of soldiers. Angry at Namor's constant rejection of her romantic advances, Dorma helped Attuma overcome Namor's defenses - only to be immediately spurned by Attuma. With the battle looking grim, Lady Dorma managed to flee to the surface and enlist the aid of the Fantastic Four, who secretly assisted in repelling the invaders. Although Namor knew that Dorma had betrayed him, he forgave her, understanding like few people how can one make mistakes out of love.[24]

Later Namor attempted to claim the rights of his people through the legal channels of the surface world. To this end he enlisted the aid of lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson to represent him in court. While Namor was away, Warlord Krang made a bid to take over Atlantis. Learning of this, Dorma fled to the surface and interrupted Namor's day in court to warn him of this. Namor then fled to Atlantis, fighting off the law and the costumed hero known as Daredevil in the process.[25]

Neptune's Trident[]

Dorma (Earth-616) crowned as Namor's Consort in Tales to Astonish Vol 1 76

Crowned as Namor's consort

When Namor arrived outside Atlantis, Dorma was there to greet him. When he spurned her romantic advances she grew angry and alerted the guards who promptly captured the Sub-Mariner. He was brought before Krang who had him locked in the palace dungeon. Feeling remorseful for how she turned Namor in, Lady Dorma freed Namor who vowed to recover Neptune's Trident and thus the right to rule over the people of Atlantis. Dorma later overheard that this was exactly what Krang planned, and that he had set a trap for Namor when he reached the first part of his quest at the Cave of Shadows.[26] Namor escaped the first trap, but Krang vowed that he would destroy Namor and then Dorma would have no choice but to marry him and imprisoned her until she agreed. Dorma considered the idea of marrying Krang just to accomplish becoming a queen but decided against it, as she was loyal to and loved only Namor.[27] As Namor continued to fight through the various traps and advance further in his quest for the Trident, Krang once again attempted to convince Dorma to marry him. When she again refused, he had her sealed in a "Plasti-Cage" and then taken to the cave of the Faceless Ones where she was left to die.[28] Once lowered into the cave, Lady Dorma could only watch in horror as the Faceless Ones surrounded the Plati-Cage and began battering at it to try and get at her.[29] Learning of Dorma's danger from an elder named Vashti, Namor renounced his quest for the Trident to rescue her. He arrived just as the Faceless Ones broke through the Plasti-Cage. Namor then fought them off, and recovered Dorma, but the creatures then began to surround him.[30] Much to Namor's surprise, instead of attacking the Faceless Ones presented him with the Trident of Neptune. Neptune himself then appeared before Namor telling him he passed the ultimate test, proving that he was fit to rule by renouncing his quest to save the woman he loved. Namor and Vashti then hurried back to Atlantis with the injured Lady Dorma. There Namor fought through the guards and managed to reach a Revitaliser Ray to restore Dorma to full health before going to face Krang alone.[31] Namor defeated Krang in combat and Dorma later recovered from her injuries. In the aftermath of the battle, Dorma was named Namor's consort, while Vashti was made Namor's advisor. Krang on the other hand was sent into exile and peace was restored to Atlantis once again. However this peace would not last long as soon after Kang's exile Atlantis began being rocked by powerful earthquakes.[32]

The Behemoth[]

The earthquakes became so powerful that Namor decided to go to the surface to investigate what the cause was. When Dorma insisted on accompanying him, he denied her request. Before Namor could leave, Dorma warned Namor of the possibility that the biologically engineered creature known as the Behemoth might be freed by the quakes.[33] Sure enough while Namor was absent, the Behemoth was unleashed and began attacking Atlantis, Vashti then assigned Dorma to seek out Namor and return him to his kingdom. She found in the waters below the George Washington Bridge in New York following a clash with the police while under the control of the Puppet Master. As Namor shook off this control, Dorma brought him to Atlantis to battle the Behemoth. Although still recovering from a gunshot wound, Namor faced the monster, telling Dorma to flee to safety.[34] Unknown to Namor or Dorma at the time, Krang had tracked down the Puppet Master and forced him to create a puppet of the Behemoth for him to control so that Krang could destroy Namor. When Namor attacked the creature with electric eels the feedback damaged the puppet rendering it useless. Krang then returned to Atlantis to observe what was happening and happening upon Dorma bluffed her into thinking that he still controlled the Behemoth. He then tricked her into agreeing to marry him in order to save Namor's life. Unaware that Namor actually defeated the Behemoth on his own, Dorma agreed. She then radioed Vashti to inform him that she was leaving with Krang, not explaining why she agreed to leave with him. When Namor learned the truth, he vowed to track both Krang and Dorma down and get revenge against them both.[35]

Krang's Hostage[]

Krang fled with Dorma and with the armies of Atlantis hunting them down, Krang decided to flee to the surface world. In order to allow them to survive on the surface, Krang subjected themselves to a chemical gas that allowed them to breath on the surface unaided, as well as change the color of their skin from blue to white.[1] When they arrived on the surface near Flushing, New York, they were found by the Avenger known as Iron Man. When Krang attempted to destroy the Golden Avenger, Dorma tried to stop him. This created enough distraction for Iron Man to fight back, forcing Krang to flee. This battle earned the ire of Namor who was distracted from his chase to battle Iron Man.[36] Namor finally tracked Krang and Dorma to New York City where he attacked Krang's aero-sub in mid-air. Dorma frantically tried to explain the situation to Namor and warn him of Krang's weapons, the undersea monarch was to infuriated to listen and was eventually blasted aside. The blast temporarily clouded Namor's mind.[37] Briefly manipulated into working for the Secret Empire, he tried to carry out their orders to destroy the Hulk. When Krang saw Namor still alive, he blasted his foe again, restoring Namor's memory.[38] Despite being free from the Secret Empire's control, Krang fled with Dorma again and then began plotting an attack on the surface world.[39]

Dorma stood by helplessly as Krang activated his crafts weapons, causing a massive tidal wave that flooded New York, an attack that Namor was blamed for. Krang then brought Dorma out so that he could gloat over the damage that he caused. This proved to be Krang's undoing as the military destroyed his vessel while he was away. With the chemicals they used to breath on land beginning to wear off, they fled back to the ship only to find it in ruins and they were quickly captured by the United States Military. Caught in a net, the pair were then brought to Columbus Circle where they were laid out as a trap for the Sub-Mariner.[40] Namor fell for the trap, but managed to pull Krang and Dorma out of the area and back into the ocean, although he was injured in the process. As Namor and Krang fought it out, Dorma swam back to Atlantis and had Vashti activate a teleportation beam to bring the two combatants back home. While soldiers subdued Krang, Namor was rushed to a Medi-Ray Chamber and restored to health. He then challenged Krang to a fight, which Namor ultimately won and ordered his former warlord back into exile. Learning the truth behind Dorma's "betrayal", Namor realized that she gave up her own freedom to save his life and absolved her of any wrongdoing.[41]

Loyal Consort[]

With their romance rekindled, Dorma was ever a loyal consort to her love. She frequently tried to petition Namor to not put himself into personal danger, such as when Attuma returned to attack Atlantis again with a strange alien robot.[42] While Namor battled this menace, he ordered Dorma to bring him a "Projecto Camera" which beamed images of the robot into space alerting its creators, who came and retrieved it, ending Attuma's invasion.[43] When Byrrah attempted to sway public opinion against Namor, Dorma was still as loyal as ever to the monarch. She was convinced that Byrrah was behind some sort of deception even as Namor somehow lost a trial by combat against him and was replaced as ruler of Atlantis.[44] When Byrrah brought in Krang and Attuma and exiled Namor, Dorma and Vashti began working together to discover how Byrrah managed to influence Namor's subjects. They discovered that Byrrah used specially made lights that bent the wills of others. They used the same devices to reverse Byrrah's influence and the people revolted against him. When Namor returned he easily defeated his three foes, driving them away into exile once again. Namor then thanked Dorma and Vashti for their unerring loyalty.[45] Later Dorma accompanied Namor out into the vast ocean where they came across a barrel of radioactive waste dumped by a passing submarine. This infuriated Namor who decided it was time to wage war against the surface once again. Dorma tried to calm Namor, but his anger could not be abated. When more subs were seen in the area he went out to attack them himself. However before he could attack he was ambushed by a creature known as It leaving him open to attack.[46] Namor defeated the creature and escaped the subs but was greatly weakened by the radiation that It emitted from his body. Dorma watched over Namor as he recovered from radiation poisoning, and was dismayed when Namor fully recovered and still intended to go to war against the surface world.[47]

When Namor gathered a council of war, Dorma once again tried to plead her case to Namor, warning that a war with the surface could prove fatal to his people, but Namor still refused to listen. Dorma later intercepted a message from a dictator named Dragorr seeking an alliance. Duty bound to turn it over to Namor, Dorma was further disheartened when Namor vowed to attack Dragorr's kingdom first. Namor was later captured and forced to Dragorr's bidding, and hearing this over the radio Dorma went to save the Sub-Mariner. Allying herself with the local resistance fighters, Dorma attacked Dragorr's castle and freed Namor from his control. During the ensuing battle, Dragorr was revealed to be a robot controlled by a diminutive man known only as the Gnome who was captured by the resistance who then set up a new democratic government. When Dorma suggested they part in peace, Namor finally gave in and agreed before the pair returned to Atlantis.[48] On their way home, they came across an undersea biosphere created by marine biologist Walter Newell. Seeing this as another affront to the kingdom of Atlantis, Namor brashly attacked, one more ignoring Dorma's pleas for a peaceful solution. The site was then attacked by the pirate known as the Plunderer who shattered the protective dome around the colony. Dorma assisted in rescuing the people trapped inside, but needed rescuing herself when the Plunderer and his men tried to capture her. Namor saved her and then drove the Plunderer away, but vowed to go after him and get revenge for his attack.[49]


Back in Atlantis, Namor once more decreed war against the surface world, starting with the Plunderer. He followed the pirate to Skull Island hidden near the Savage Land, unaware that Dorma was secretly following him. When Dorma was hurt in the ensuing battle, Namor rescued her once again and ordered her to return to Atlantis. Dorma complied and when she returned Vashti showed her a troubling site: a video image of Namor seemingly allying himself with the Plunderer.[50] With magnetic interference preventing them from learning the real truth, Dorma met with the Atlantean governing council and they all agreed not to involve in a bloody war with the surface and made the painful choice of exiling their ruler for "siding" with the Plunderer.[51] Dorma's fears proved to come true when the Plunderer attacked Atlantis even with interference -- known to the people of Atlantis -- of Namor himself, prompting the people of Atlantis to go to war.[52] With Atlantis ravaged by destruction, the people of Atlantis were once more forced to become wanderers like they were in years past. The people followed Dorma's leadership and she was protected by Seth the new warlord of Atlantis. Unknown to Dorma, Seth began to develop feelings for her and soon fell completely in love.[53] Eventually the aimless wanderings became too much for Dorma and she decided that it was time to find their exiled ruler and bring him home. Dorma was accompanied in her search by both Lord Vashti and Seth.[54] Soon they found news of Namor who was battling against the Plantman's Leviathan creature in New York with the aid of the Inhuman known as Triton. Dorma insisted on going to be by his side but Vashti advised against it. Namor meanwhile managed to destroy the Leviathan and defeat the Plantman.[55]

Dorma returned to her people, who were soon attacked by Attuma and his barbarian forces. She was and her people soon became prisoners of Attuma. Ultimately, Namor came to their aid and was forced into a trial by combat against Attuma whose armor was electronically augmenting his strength. Dorma was freed by Gorgul a warrior who was blinded by Attuma in a previous battle. He then led Dorma to the machine that enhanced Attuma's strength. Gorgul was mortally wounded freeing Dorma and died, but succeeded in leading her to the machine. Dorma destroyed it but the resulting blast knocked her out. Namor defeated Attuma soon after and freed his people.[56] When Dorma revived she had learned that Namor had already left and went searching for him. After a perilous voyage, Dorma came upon Namor as he was locked in battle with his newly empowered foe Tiger Shark, and watched as Tiger Shark seemingly slew Namor by burying him under a pile of rocks.[57] Tiger Shark then forced Dorma to take her back to her people so he could rule over them. With no other choice and believing Namor dead, Dorma did as she was told. However Warlord Seth challenged Tiger Shark when he arrived. While the two battled Namor arrived alive and well and in a rematch against Tiger Shark, he easily defeated his foe. Namor's exile was removed and the Atlanteans returned to their kingdom, with Lady Dorma once more at Namor's side.[58]

Serpent Crown[]

Dorma (Earth-616) under the influence of the Serpent Crown from Sub-Mariner Vol 1 9

Dorma under the influence of the Serpent Crown

With Tiger Shark a prisoner, Namor was determined to inform his sister Diane of her brothers fate. Dorma insisted in coming along and taking an air breathing pill accompanied Namor to New York City. When she saw how Diane reacted to Namor's arrival, with a hug, Dorma became jealous of Diane suspecting that she was in love with the Sub-Mariner. Soon Namor had to deal with Destiny, the man who was responsible for destroying Old Atlantis decades ago. Destiny was attempting to become President of the United States using his Helmet of Power to influence voters. Namor clashed with Destiny who eventually was driven mad by the power of the Helmet and attempted to fly off a building, succeeding only in falling to his death.[59] By this point Dorma's breathing pill began wearing off forcing Namor and Diane to rush her back to Diane's apartment for another one. While Dorma was recovering, Namor then went out to locate the Helmet of Power, forcing him to battle the Fantastic Four's Thing to obtain it.[60] On their way back to Atlantis with the Helmet of Power, Dorma was drawn by its power and was compelled to put it on. Namor stopped her just in time and when they arrived he put it under the protective watch of the royal scientist Ikthon for study. Namor then went on a mission to search for a potential cure for Tiger Shark along with Warlord Seth. Namor was rendered amnesic, and Seth thinking Namor defeated and exiled himself in shame. While they were gone, the Helmet of Power's outer-shell broke away revealing its true form, the Serpent Crown. It exerted its influence and Dorma put it on falling under the crown's malevolent influence. When Namor eventually recovered and returned home the people of Atlantis were fully under the control of the Serpent Crown. Captured, Namor was to be sacrificed by Lady Dorma, but he managed to break free and recover the crown. Unable to destroy it there, Namor was forced to flee in order to get away from his frenzied subjects.[61]

Dorma eventually shook off the effects of the Serpent Crown, and began to fear for Namor's safety on his quest to destroy it. But eventually Namor disposed of the Serpent Crown, seemingly for good.[62]

In Harm's Way[]

After the effects of the Serpent Crown wore off, Dorma was horrified by her actions while under its influence. Seeking to find Namor she was stopped when she was advised that there was a video call from Diane Arliss. Diane threatened to destroy Atlantis if they did not release her brother Tiger Shark. With Tiger Shark having escaped during the Serpent Crown affair, Dorma refused to bow down to Diane's threats and went out to find her lover. This all played into Diane's trap and she captured Dorma who was taken to Empire State University to be used as a hostage to lure Namor. Diane was being manipulated by Namor's old foe Dr. Dorcas who placed Dorma under the guard of his colleague Professor Gregson Gilbert and his android the Dragon Man. As expected, Namor came to rescue Dorma and easily defeated the android. Freeing Dorma, Namor convinced Diane that he intended to save her brother no matter the cost and soon he and Dorma returned to the ocean. Dorma became all too aware of Diane's growing feelings for Namor and feared that she might become a threat to their love.[63] Upon returning to Atlantis, Namor continued his search for Tiger Shark in the hopes of curing him. Tracking Tiger Shark to the Sargasso Sea, Namor went to capture him unaware that Dorma had once again disobeyed his orders and was secretly following him. Dorma eventually revealed herself when she spotted their ally Walter Newell trapped below the sea and helped free him. The trio found that Tiger Shark had found the so-called People of the Mist ancient mariners that became trapped in the Sargasso and gained immortality so long as they stayed in the region. During the inevitable battle with Tiger Shark, Dorma was captured and held hostage. However Namor freed his lady love, and Tiger Shark fled capture once again.[64]

While out exploring the seas, Dorma came across the unconscious body of Dr. Bruce Banner, unaware that he was the alter-ego of the Hulk. Giving him a breathing tablet she brought her dwelling in Atlantis to recover from his injuries. She was spotted by Mistress Fara a rival for Namor's affections. Fara then convinced Namor that Dorma was attempting to betray him with a surface dweller. Furious, Namor went to confront Dorma and as the two argued Banner awoken and was excited enough to trigger a transformation into the Hulk. As the Sub-Mariner and Hulk battled across Atlantis, Dorma begged them to stop. Fara meanwhile attempted to shoot Dorma in the back, hoping to lay blame on the Hulk for her death. Instead, Namor was knocked into a nearby wall, its shattered components raining down on both Dorma and Fara. Fara was fatally crushed by the falling rocks, but ironically her body shielded Dorma, saving her life. Realizing that Dorma tried to prevent the battle from happening, Namor ejected the Hulk from his domain in a massive tidal wave. Afterword, Namor and Dorma reconciled.[65]

Temporary Rule[]

Soon Dorma and Namor became aware of the fact that high priest Kormok plotted to take control of the Atlantean throne. Although their suspicions were valid, Namor was forced to undertake the Ritual of Renewal, unaware that Kormok made an alliance with the Alpha Centaurian warrior known as the Dynorr the Stalker to capture Namor, thus allowing Kormok to take control of the throne. Despite her and Vashti's protests, they were unable to stop Kormok from seizing control.[66] However, it soon became apparent that the Stalker and his cohorts were really attempting to steal Earth's supply of water. Namor and his ally Triton managed to foil this plot although thanks to invasive surgery carried out by the Alpha Centaurians, Namor's gills were sealed preventing him from being able to breath underwater. Realizing this upon his return to Earth, Namor sent Triton to Atlantis to advise his people of this.[67] While Namor was being hunted as an outlaw on the surface,[68] Triton turned over the Trident of Neptune over to Dorma, who feared the worst.[69]

With the Sub-Mariner absent from the kingdom, Lady Dorma took the Atlantean throne and instantly rallied the warlords and had them agree to go to the surface to recover their missing monarch, even if it meant going to war against the surface. Before they left, Seth returned after being assumed killed during the Serpent Crown affair. With him he brought the Horn of Proteus which he recovered in his travels. Dorma led a war party to the surface just as news reports of a dragnet was under way in New York to hunt down their ruler. When they arrived along the shores of New York City, Dorma ordered the authorities to turn Namor over or risk retaliation. Despite Namor's attempts to stop a conflict, a battle started between the Navy and Dorma's war party. During the opening attack Dorma's vessel was destroyed and she was presumed killed in the blast. Still in love with Dorma, Seth became insane with grief and used the Horn to summon a massive sea beast. However, Dorma was merely knocked out and when Namor saw her in the path of the rampaging monster saved her life. Seeing that Dorma was alive, a horrified Seth recalled the creature and the people of Atlantis returned to the deep with their true leader.[70] Dorma was present later when Ikthon revealed that he had developed a cure for Namor's condition repairing his damaged gills and allowing him to breath under water again. However Namor soon left his kingdom again, when he was drawn into a battle with the Undying Ones along with Dr. Strange Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.[71]


Soon after Namor's return Dorma and other high ranking members of Atlantean society were captured by Dr. Dorcas who had formed an alliance with the exile Krang. They then enhanced Krang's loyal servant Orka with the powers of his name sake, the Killer Whale, and gave him the ability to control the creatures. They then used Orka to attack and attempt to destroy Namor. While Namor was subdued and taken prisoner, Dorma and the others managed to escape fleeing from an army of Orcas to seek help for their captured ruler.[72] They were rescued by an unlikely ally: Tiger Shark, who agreed to help them defend Atlantis and free Namor in exchange for Dorma agreeing to marry him. Tiger Shark hoped to use this as a step toward taking control of Atlantis. When Dorcas, Krang and Orka later attacked Atlantis, Namor broke free and joined the battle. In the strife, Dorcas was forced to flee while Tiger Shark and Orka seemingly perished after falling into a trench that was buried by a cave in. With Tiger Shark's seeming demise, Dorma was free from her promise to marry him.[73]

When Namor and Dorma discovered that the United States were dumping canisters of chemical weapons in the waters near Atlantis, killing some of the royal guards, Namor declared the waters over Atlantis off limits to surface vessels and violently defended his domain. When this proved ineffective, Namor then decided to pay a visit to the United Nations. Dorma, fearing that Namor would again meet with Diane Arliss convinced him to allow her to come along. Taking a breathing tablet, she accompanied him to the UN Building in New York City where he made his demands to the UN council. A heated argument broke out but Namor was forced to leave when Dorma's breathing tablet began to wear off. By the time they returned to their sea-craft it was surrounded by soldiers. They found salvation when Diane Arliss arrived and gave Namor the water he needed to boost his strength to get himself and Dorma to safety. Aboard the ship, Namor ordered the docks blown up with a missile, but stopped the explosive himself when he noticed that Diane and other innocents were along the shore line. This action earned cold glares from Dorma and all others aboard.[74] When it appeared that the Kraken was attacking surface vessels, Namor was instantly blamed by the surface authorities. Seeking to find out who was truly responsible, Namor decided to investigate, unaware that Dorma once more was following him. With the help of Diane Arliss, Namor set a trap for the "Kraken" using the S.S. Petrel. When the ship was attacked, Namor was taken prisoner and Diane knocked overboard. The "Kraken" was actually a sophisticated submarine commanded by the modern day pirate calling himself Commander Kraken. While Namor battled Kraken and his crew, Diane was rescued by Dorma. Dorma had the opportunity to confront Diane over her infatuation with Namor. However her attentions were turned toward Kraken's vessel when they were snared in its tentacles. Ultimately, Namor defeated Kraken and his crew and Dorma and Diane were able to escape.[75]

Instead of returning to Atlantis with Dorma, Namor decided to remain on the surface with Diane. Dorma eventually gave in to her jealousy and continued to fear that she would lose Namor to the surface woman.[76] She was happy to hear Namor's return but watched in horror as he was enthralled by yet another outside force. Namor was briefly controlled by the Huntsman of Zeus to battle the demigod Hercules. The pair eventually defeated the Huntsman and Namor returned home once more.[77] Soon after this, Namor entered into an alliance with the mutant terrorist known as Magneto and the pair plotted to conquer the surface world.[78] However, this was all a ploy by Magneto to conquer Atlantis and while Namor was busy battling the Fantastic Four he kidnapped both Dorma and the Invisible Girl to force both the Sub-Mariner and Mr. Fantastic to do his bidding.[79][80] In order to defeat Magneto, Namor pretended to join his side and led an invasion of New York while Reed Richards worked on a way to defeat Magneto. When New York was captured, Magneto arrived and brought Dorma and the Invisible Girl out as his prisoners and Namor demanded their release.[81][80] When Magneto refused, the Fantastic Four arrived and Mr. Fantastic used a device that turned Magneto's powers against him leading to his captured. With Magneto defeated, Namor and Dorma returned to Atlantis.[81][82] Namor and Dorma no sooner returned to Atlantis to learn that Attuma had returned and seemingly kidnapped Ikthon. Namor rushed off to save his chief scientist along with his allies Stingray and Triton, rescuing a group of enslaved humans which included Diane Arless as well.[83] Although Namor saved the life of Diane once again, Dorma would not have time to renew her jealousy toward the surface woman thanks to what transpired next.


Dorma accepts Namor's proposal in Sub-Mariner Vol 1 33

Dorma accepts Namor's proposal

While Namor was once again away from the kingdom[84] a massive explosion rocked Atlantis sending the people into a panic. While Dorma tried to keep the people calm, Byrrah made an unexpected return and tried to convince the people of Atlantis that Namor was an ineffective leader and attempted to usurp the throne once again. When Namor returned he convinced the people to give him 24 hours to prove that Byrrah was behind the attack. Sure enough Namor uncovered that Byrrah was in league with Dr. Dorcas and Krang and he was apprehended. In the aftermath of the battle, Namor decided that it was time to give in to his feelings and asked Lady Dorma to marry him, she gleefully accepted.[85] Unfortunately, their happiness would not last long. While Dorma began receiving wedding gifts, Namor focused on an alliance between himself the Hulk and the alien Silver Surfer forming the Titans Three to stop the United States from testing an unstable weather control device.[86] This led to an altercation with the heroic Avengers who were called to defend the device. Ultimately the crisis was averted when Dorma, on Namor's summons, led an party of Atlantean soldiers and Ikthon to stabilize the device so that it would pose no harm. With the danger passed, the Titans Three broke up over irreconcilable differences and Namor returned to the sea with his bride to be.[87]

As the wedding day approached, Namor sought out Proteus an Atlantean sage who would officiate his marriage to Dorma so that it could be accepted in the eyes of Neptune. Unknown to Namor at the time, there were forces that were conspiring against him. Soon reports that Attuma was attacking the kingdom, prompting him to rush to the scene.[2] Unknown to him, the scientist Ikthon was really a spy for Attuma, and that they were both working in league with the queen of Lemuria, Llyra who sought to gain control of the Atlantean throne. During Attuma's attack, Llyra had Dorma captured and taken to her mother's oceanarium off the coast to Florida to be kept prisoner. Llyra then used her shape-shifting abilities to disguise herself as Dorma.[88] Namor joined his people in fighting off Attuma's invasion and soon the wedding commenced. However after the vows were exchanged and Namor and "Dorma" kissed, Llyra revealed herself and her plans to take over the Atlantean throne by tricking Namor into marrying her.[2]


Dorma's final words from Sub-Mariner Vol 1 37

Dorma's final words

However Proteus revealed that the wedding that was officiated legally made Dorma the queen, and with her plan foiled Llyra fled vowing to get revenge against Namor. Namor was able to track Llyra back to her mother's oceanarium thanks to the traitor Ikthon. When Namor arrived, Llyra's forces kept him at bay and she smashed the water filled glass cylinder that Dorma was being kept prisoner in. Without the life giving water, Dorma began to suffocate while Llyra tried to destroy Namor. While her killer was occupied, Dorma used the last of her strength to knock Llyra away from the controls allowing Namor to break through the defences. When Namor arrived, he saw Dorma gasping for life and got to her just in time to hear her final words, which were to tell him that she loved him. Dorma died in Namor's arms while Llyra managed to escape from the scene.[88]

Namor returned to Atlantis with the body of Dorma where he mourned her passing. During this mourning he was interrupted by the Hulk, who had come from years in the future offering Namor a chance to bring Dorma back to life. Namor agreed and joined the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and Dr. Strange (also from other time periods) who were also seeking to revive their lost loved ones. They accepted to participate in a game between the cosmic beings known as the Grandmaster and the Collector pitting the Grandmaster's group of "Defenders" with the Collector's Offenders.[89] Although the battle was fierce,[90] Namor failed to win his prize and was returned to his own time with no memory of the events that transpired.[91] Dorma's body was placed in a crystalline coffin. After reflecting on his life, Namor eventually put on a royal funeral for Dorma and her body was placed in a crypt located on the Avenue of Kings in Atlantis.[92]


As far as can be determined, Dorma has left behind no immediate surviving relatives. Following her death, Namor abandoned the kingdom of Atlantis for a time.[92] Eventually working with Diane Arliss and Walter Newell to try and find his long lost father.[93] Incidentally enough, Llyra later murdered Namor's father Leonard McKenzie cutting short their all to brief reunion.[94] After much soul searching Namor eventually returned to rule the people of Atlantis[95] where he has ruled almost consistently since then. While Namor has had many relationships over the years, he has only remarried once to the Plodex woman known as Marrina,[96] however this union would also end in tragedy when Marrina went on a rampage due to her Plodex heritage and was seemingly slain.[97]

Diane Arliss, Dorma's chief rival for Namor's affections, still attempted to win his love while trying to help him locate his long lost father. However she and Walter Newell eventually formed a relationship[98] and the pair eventually married.[99]

Following her escape from the murder scene,[88] Dorma's killer Llyra continued to plague Namor for a time and succeeded in murdering his father.[94] Namor apparently got justice during a failed alliance between Llyra, Byrrah and the alien Badoon when Llyra appeared to drown in oil.[100] However, after many months she resurfaced alive and well[101] and continues to plague Namor's life to this day, incidentally one of instance directly involved Dorma herself, or rather her body. Many years after her death, Dorma's body was recovered by exiled Atlantean scientist Vyrra who, in failing health, wished to be buried in his home land. In order to gain favor from Namor he stole the body of Dorma, de-constructing it into a chemical soup to create clones of her.[102] One of these clones managed to wander from Vyrra's cave and was found by Atlantean soldiers and brought back to Atlantis.[103] Namor and his cousin Namorita were then called in to investigate.[104][105] They eventually discovered Vyrra's cave and learned the truth,[102] but Namor eventually denied Vyrra's request to be buried in Atlantis. When the elderly scientist seemingly died of old age, Namor had all the clones destroyed.[106] However Vyrra survived, having transferred his mind into one of the clones and escaping the destruction. In this body he later helped Llyra birth her child, whom she parented with Namor. After Vyrra completed this task and artificially aged her son Llyron, Llyra slew the last Dorma clone.[107]

Even though Dorma's mortal remains have been destroyed, many members of the Atlantean royal family -- including Princess Fen[108] and Emperor Thakorr[109] have both cheated death in recent times. It remains to be seen if Dorma's death proves to be permanent as well.


Power Grid[112]
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Atlantean Physiology: Dorma possessed the conventional attributes of the Homo Mermanus species. She possesses powers beyond the finest human athletes.[110]

  • Superhuman Strength: Dorma is superhumanly strong, enabling her to lift/press at least 2 tons.[110]
  • Peak Human Speed: Dorma can swim at speeds at approximately 30 mph.[110]
  • Suspended Aging: Dorma's body is immune to aging.[110]
  • Underwater Breathing: Dorma possesses gills to extract oxygen from water.[110]
  • Superhuman Durability: Dorma's body could withstand extreme water pressures and temperatures.[110]


Air Surface:


Since her first appearance,[4] Dorma was depicted as having pink skin throughout all her appearances published in the 1940s and 1950s. This has been retconned since her first silver age appearance[22] she has been depicted with blue skin, even in flashbacks and retelling of past stories she has been depicted with blue skin, keeping the character design of the Atlanteans that was adopted in the 1960s and still used today.


In Marvel Mystery Comics #13, Dorma said that she had been operated on so she could stay out of water indefinitely like Namor.

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