The past history of Dorma of Earth-772 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart, up until Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four. In this reality, this would prompt Reed Richards to neglect Susan Storm to the point where she would seek a relationship with Namor the Sub-Mariner.[1] This would take his romantic affections from Dorma, causing her to grow increasingly bitter after Namor would marry Sue and she would become pregnant with his child.

Realizing that she could never win over Namor, she would pursue a relationship with Warlord Krang, and the two would serve the Sub-Mariner and his betrothed loyally. When the jealous Reed Richards and Sue's brother Johnny would invade Atlantis in the hopes of murdering the Atlantians and bringing Sue back to the surface, completely unaware that Sue was pregnant. When Sue would go into labour, Dorma would attend to Sue's needs while Namor and Warlord Krang attempt to fight off the attack on Atlantis. When Reed would enter the room where Sue is in the throws in child birth Dorma would convince Reed to cease his attack and deactivate the device that would make the air unbreathable for the Atlanteans because it would possibly kill Sue and the unborn child.

While Reed would go to stop the device, Krang get to the device first and die attempting to deactivate it. Reed and Namor would deactivate the device, however upon hearing that Krang died, Dorma would be devastated.[2] her current activities are unknown.


Seemingly those of Dorma (Earth-616)#Powers.

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