When the Fantastic Four and the Avengers sacrificed their lives to destroy Onslaught, Franklin Richards, the son of the Fantastic Four's Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman subconsciously created a pocket universe to save their lives. There they spent an entire year reliving living new lives "reborn" into a reality where they had recently gained their abilities that vaguely mirror how they gained their powers originally.

Franklin's new Earth included recreations of many heroes allies and foes. Among these creations was one based on Lady Dorma, the late wife of Namor. Although this pocket universe was instantly created, it's inhabitants were given memories that "pre-dated" the creation of this reality. Little is known about the past of this realities Lady Dorma who existed in this pocket universe, however as he is based on the Dorma of Earth-616, it's entirely possible that much of her origins mirror that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

In this reality she was also be the lover of Namor (who like the Fantastic Four had been shunted into this reality by Franklin following the destruction of Onslaught.) She became implicated in Warlord Krang's plot to force Atlantis into a war with the surface world. With the people of Atlantis becoming sick from human made pollutions, it was easy for Krang to goad the hot tempered Sub-Mariner into attacking the surface world. His attack on the surface would was countered by both the newly formed Fantastic Four and Avengers teams.

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Dorma fought beside Namor up until being convinced by his old ally Captain America to seek more diplomatic means to settle the differences between Atlantis and the surface world. However, Namor required medical attention following his fight with the surface heroes, having been secretly poisoned by Krang, and being directly attacked by Krang himself, who in a bid to seize control of Atlantis attempted to assassinate it's monarch. Dorma accompanied members of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers to a hospital where Namor was revived. The Thing destroyed Giganto ending the conflict, and Dorma returned to Atlantis.

About a year later the Avengers and Fantastic Four were returned to reality 616. The Earth soon became the plaything of The Dreaming Celestial. During this time either due to the Dreaming Celestials manipulations or through her own will, Dorma became a ruthless conquerer and took control of Atlantis. When the majority of the eastern United States flooded by a gigantic tidal wave, she had her army of Atlan warriors secure the now flooded parts of the United States and execute surface dwellers with extreme prejudice.

Another year after the departure of the heroes back to their native reality, Dr. Doom returned to this reality and decided to conquer the Earth and rule it, vowing to end the chaos wrought by the Dreaming Celestial. In order to facilitate this, Doom (along with his confidant/bodyguard Lancer) began consolidating the world powers into a collective group that would work together. Among those Doom approached was Dorma, who joined the group, however her ambitious and ruthless nature made her aspire to usurp Doom's leadership either by seducing Doom or killing him.

These ambitions came to a partial fruition when the Dreaming Celestial itself posed as Droma in an attempt to destroy Dr. Doom, gaining the aid of others in Doom's Generals. However, this plot was foiled when Doom's other ally, the Celestial named Ashema sacrificed her life to destroy the Dreaming Celestial and saved this Earth from destruction. Dorma awakened from a dream, vaguely remembering what had transpired.[citation needed]

Much later, Doom transported this Earth into the 616 dimension on the opposite side of Earth's sun. It would from that point on be referred to as Counter-Earth. Doom divided his time between ruling Latveria on Earth-616 and ruling much of Counter-Earth. When a freak accident caused Reed Richards to become trapped in Dr. Doom's armour, he and Lancer forced Doom's Generals into a peace pact with Earth-616, leading to the Generals, and Dorma in particular to become restless and suspicious of "Doom's" behaviour, which included a marriage to the Fantastic Four's Susan Richards. Reed, still posing as Doom had to "prove" himself by defeating all the generals in single combat. When Reed tricked the Generals into traveling back to Counter-Earth (and right into containment fields setup in Counter-Earth's version of the Baxter Building) Dorma become suspicious and fled with her Atlan warriors. She was later defeated by the Invisible Woman and Namor, when she attempted to get revenge against Sue.

She escaped and returned to Counter-Earth and resumed her dominion over Atlantis. During this time the Young Allies gathered the remaining refugees of the flooded areas of the United States aboard Attilan, which now floated over New York City. Seeing Attilan and the Allies as a threat to her rule, Dorma began amassing a stockpile of nuclear weapons which she was preparing to launch against the surface world.

When Kevin MacTaggert of Earth-58163 (in possession of Earth-1081's Morph was attempting to return to his home reality (which has briefly overwrote Earth-616 due to a reality warp) following a chase through different realities finding the perfect host body and escaping the reality hopping Exiles group, he ended up back in Reality-616. However, due to the manipulations of Heather Hudson he was transported to Counter-Earth by mistake.

MacTaggert learned of the Atlan plot to blow up Attilan and took the information to the Young Allies. There, the fusion being Order and Kaos passed their final judgment on Counter-Earth and deemed it is fit for destruction, and decided to allow Kevin MacTaggert to be the instrument of their destruction. Liking this idea, MacTaggert teleported to Atlantis where he got ready to launch the entire cache of nuclear weapons across the Earth. He was be confronted by Dorma herself who demanded he stop. In response to this, MacTaggert simply used his reality warping powers to raise Atlantis to the surface and fuse all the Atlans, including Dorma, to the land mass to prevent them from escaping.

Although the combined efforts of the Exiles and Young Allies led to the defeat of Kevin MacTaggert, who was brainwashed with a B-Mod Machine from Earth-712 to limit his access to memories to only those of Morph, Dorma and the people of Atlantis seemingly perished due to suffocation.[citation needed]


As the Dorma of Counter-Earth was the product of the imagination of Franklin Richards, and that she was based upon the Lady Dorma of Earth-616, it is presumable that the Dorma of Counter-Earth has the same abilities as your average Atlantian. This would include her ability to breath underwater, withstand underwater pressure and temperatures, and have an ability to see in the depths.


Dorma was a skilled warrior, presumably trained in Atlantean fighting skills and use of weapons and technology from Atlantis

Strength level

Presumably similar strength to an Atlantean female of Earth-616,


Like at Altanteans, Dorma can only breath underwater, she would suffocate after an extended period above water.


Dorma had access to the all the technological resources of Atlantis.


Dorma had access to the all the transportation resources of Atlantis.


Dorma had access to the all the weapon resources of Atlantis.

  • When Franklin Richards created a second pocket universe that was a near duplicate of Counter-Earth in order to escape Onslaught it is possible that a duplicate of Dorma was created as well. If this is the case, then it is entirely possible that her history mirror that of her Count-Earth incarnation with a similar history.

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