History of character is unknown.


  • Sorcery over the Flames of the Faltine Dormammu is composed of pure mystic energy, eclipsing even the greatest of sorcerers in terms of raw power and the ability to manipulate the forces of magic, including Doctor Strange and the Ancient One. Dormammu is virtually indestructible and immortal due to his energy form composed of raw magical energy which is increased and replenished, at least partially, by worship throughout various dimensions.
  • Superhuman Strength: Dormammu possesses some degree of superhuman strength. He is capable of using his magical powers to augment his strength, enabling him to lift well in excess of 100 tons.
  • Inter-dimensional Teleportation/Transportation: Dormammu can create portal that allows him to view and/or step both within or between other dimensions, as well allowing to transport power and object through them.
  • Transformations: Dormammu can use his mystical energy to manipulate himself with relative ease, changing his appearance and his size to cause massive growth.
  • Elemental Control: Dormammu can call on the elements to do his bidding.
  • Invulnerability: Dormammu is nearly immune to harm both physical and mystical.
  • Immortality: Dormammu is completely immune to aging.
  • Energy Projection: Dormammu can project energy in the manifestation of energy bolts.


Super-Genius Intelligence: He is still considered a super-genius being compared with the rest of the universe.


  • Dormammu's magical powers are stated and shown to be weakened when on Earth or in any other dimension not of his own.

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