Dormammu was a longtime demonic enemy of the younger Dr. Strange and his paternal predecessors. From his dimension, Dormammu observed the events of Ultimatum and learned that the cataclysm allowed him to breach into Earth. He captured Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, and saw in him for having the powers of his flame, unexpectedly powerful enough to fuel Dormammu's powers to be free from his domain and confronted Dr. Strange.[2]

After Nightmare was apparently destroyed by the Hulk after he fled into the Orb of Acmantata in which the Hulk destroys it, Dormammu appeared and emerged from the aftermath of the fight and faces Dr. Strange, freed from Nightmare's control. Dormammu channeled the energy of Johnny Storm's flame and use his new power to kill Dr. Strange. After killing Strange, the demon was then confronted by Susan Storm and Ben Grimm. Dormammu was then defeated after Susan sealed his entire head with her force-field and being overwhelmed by Johnny Storm's power, turning him into a powerless human being. It was assumed that he was simply a human being all along, using some sort of technology or magic to give him the powers and appearance of a demon.[1]

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