A Demonic entity housed within the Negative Zone. When Bruce Banner discovered a way to harness energy from the Negative Zone using his energy well, he inadvertently drew the attention of H.Y.D.R.A. Using him to built the energy well, they originally tried to power a Satellite Gun using it, causing untold destruction to New York in the process. However, the energy well backfired due to poor construction, causing a massive electromagnetic pulse to disrupt power across the globe.

Several years later, Toni Stark had Banner rebuild the device in order to make use of its energy providing ability for more positive means, but an agent of H.Y.D.R.A., Baron von Strucker heard of this and along with the United Nations Representative Baron Mordo, planned to use this power to bring Dormammu into their world.

After launching an attack on Stark Island along with the Atlanteans, Strucker allowed them to draw the attention of the Super Heroes taking residence there along with others who arrived while he invaded the structure proper. Summoning forth his lord and master, Dormammu demanded souls to feast on, Strucker happily offering up his own H.Y.D.R.A. allies. Revealing that the gigantic beast, the Hulk, was in fact his servant, Dormammu set the monster to attack the gathered heroes while he took pleasure in watching their struggle.

Dr. Strange, running out of options came to the realization that Banner was in fact a conduit for spiritual entities. Using this power to his advantage, he summoned Thor to aide them. Quickly dispatching the Hulk, the Thunderer set his sights on Dormammu. While initially holding the advantage, Dr. Strange used his abilities to channel energy from the collected heroes into Thor, allowing the Thunder God to vanquish Dormammu once and for all.


Presumably those of Dormammu (Earth-616)

  • Judging by their dialogue, Dormammu and Thor have crossed paths before their battle at Stark Island.

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