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Dormammu was a dark demonic god who was imprisoned in the Dark Dimension by powerful sorcerers centuries ago. In order to escape, he trapped children in comas and stole their life force. When Baron Mordo was denied the rite to be Sorcerer Supreme, he offered his services in an attempt to free Dormammu for revenge. When Dormammu was finally free, he attempted to take control of our dimension. After Mordo failed, he was presumably killed: consumed by Dormammu. Dormammu was confronted by Dr. Strange who attempted various spells to defeat him including trying to extinguish his flames to poor avail. Dormammu battered and beat Strange, stole the Eye of Agamotto to increase his power, and penetrated the Sanctum to release the creatures from his realm. Wong reminded Strange that Dormammu was composed of corrupted magic, and thus he should use it to his advantage. Strange then saved the world by absorbing Dormammu into it, and thus killed him.[1]



Seemingly those of Dormammu of Earth-616.

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