The history of Dormammu on Earth-791218 mirrors his Earth-616 counterpart until Stephen Strange would seek the aid of the Ancient One to heal his damaged hands. In this reality, Dormammu would realize Strange's mystical potential and order his minion Baron Mordo to heal Strange's hands.

Later, after Strange had reestablished himself as a surgeon in the states and was found guilty of malpractice, Dormammu would have Mordo take Strange as a disciple. Eventually, Strange would surpass Mordo in the mystic arts and Dormammu would order Strange to slay him.

Dormammmu would continue to push Strange to increase his powers so that he might use him as a pawn to destroy Eternity. Even as his sister Umar would free herself from exile and attempt to seduce Strange for her own ends, Dormammu kept focused on his ultimate plan.

When Strange would seemingly slay his foe the Ancient One and access the realm of Eternity, Dormammu would use his disciple as a conduit to channel his powers through to destroy Eternity. However, this would fail when Strange would accept the powers of good and be spared by Eternity and returned to Earth.

Dormammu's ultimate fate remains unrevealed.


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