Dormammu sent an assassin to kill the Ancient One, however, the Ancient One's pupil Baron Mordo confronted Dormammu in a losing battle. Mordo's pawn Clea released the Mindless Ones, and Dormammu was the forced to team up with Mordo to halt their progress into the Dark Dimension. Because Mordo saved Dormammu's life, Dormammu was mystically bound not to enter Earth's dimension ever again.

Dormammu plotted other ways to gain revenge on Mordo, and empowered cult leader Cyrus Black to attack Mordo. After easily defeating Black, the arrogant Mordo contacted Dormammu and taunted the Dark Dimension leader until he laughingly released Dormammu from his bond, thinking Dormammu could do no better than pitiful threats. Upon arriving on Earth, Dormammu killed a simulacrum of Mordo, leading the Ancient One to think that his student was deceased. The real Mordo and Nightmare gloated about how they had now lured the Ancient One to battle Dormammu, who quickly killed the Ancient One's physical form.

Dormammu was then confronted by Nightmare, who proposed an alliance, allowing for Dormammu to rule Earth while Nightmare would feed off their fears. Just as he was accepting the proposal, Dr. Stephen Strange banished them back to their dimensions using his untapped mystic potential.


Seemingly those of Dormammu (Earth-616)#Powers.

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