The past history of Dormammu of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Dormammu was not involved in any activities that recently occurred on Earth-9997, a number of the information about his true origins (at least on Earth-9997) were revealed through the visions of Kyle Richmond. It revealed by Kyle that a number of the demons and creatures believing to be Satan or the true dark lord of the underworld were really third tier mutants manipulated by the Celestials. It is entirely possible that they were all made to believe such by Mephisto himself.

Further, it was explained that many mystical realms that exist in the omniverse are alternate Earth's that have had their physical properties changed by the various lords and rulers of their realities. Kyle used the Dark Dimension as an example, explaining that it used to be an alternate Earth, citing the existence of humanoids like Clea residing in the realm is proof of this.

These revelations certainly put some of Dormammu's origins into question, firstly his origins as a member of the Faltinians may be in question, he could be a mutated human from Earth, the Dark Dimension or perhaps even the realm of the Faltine. At some point, he was manipulated into believing he was the dread Dormammu, and placed in the Dark Dimension which was either altered by Dormammu himself or other parties to further maintain what Dormammu and the people of the Dark Dimension believed in.[1]

The truth behind Dormammu's origins remain unrevealed at this present time.


As long as this being believes himself to be Dormammu, he presumably has the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart.

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