In this reality, Dormammu succeeded in his invasion of Earth during the Hell on Earth War. He managed to possess Doctor Strange and killed his disciple, Madrox. Another version of James Madrox materialized however, and Strange managed to possess his body long enough to banish Dormammu.

After an attempt to send Jaime back to his own reality went awry, Dormammu materialized on Earth-616, still in Strange's body, with his powers severely limited, along with Vanora and Deathlok.[1]

Hoping to restore his full power, Dormammu planned to take advantage of Multiple Man's and Havok's statuses as nexuses to alternate reality versions of themselves. When confronted by Strong Guy, Dormammu held a woman hostage when he mysteriously exploded. It was later revealed to be doing of Mephisto.[2]


Seemingly those of Dormammu of Earth-616.


Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamotto

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