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Dorothy "Dot" Walker was the mother to Patricia Walker, later the costumed heroine known as Hellcat. Dorothy wrote the Patsy Walker comic books loosely based on her daughter's teenage years. In these fictional stories Dorothy portrayed herself as Mary Walker.[1][2][6]

With help from her model/publishing friend Millie Collins and her sister Sophia McConnell, Dorothy developed a very popular media empire on the persona Patsy Walker. However, Patsy actually hated the notoriety the series brought her.[1][2]

Because of her domineering and demeaning attitude, Joshua left Dorothy. He tried to get custody of their children, but Dorothy had become wealthy from her writing while Josh couldn't maintain steady work or housing. Josh moved to Greentown, Ohio and Dorothy moved with their children and Dolly Donahue to New Jersey.[7][8] Dorothy began to tell everyone (including her children) that Josh had died rather than admit the truth about their divorce.[1][7]

On her deathbed, the Six-Fingered Hand member Avarrish appeared to her and offered her a deal: He wants Patsy's body in exchange for Dorothy's returned youth and a cure for her cancer. Dorothy agreed to the bargain, but the deal was thwarted by Patsy and the Defenders, which lead to Dorothy Walker's death.[1]

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Baseline human.


Skilled writer and shrewed businesswoman.


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