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Nothing is known about the unnamed twin mutant sisters called Double Trouble prior to them joining Department K, and it's covert Canadian super-human group known as Weapon P.R.I.M.E.. Despite not seeing action the twins were apart of the team during Grizzly's brief time with Weapon P.R.I.M.E.[1]

Weapon P.R.I.M.E.

The twins would finally see action when Domino and ex-teammate Grizzly, posing as Val Cooper and head of Department K's General Clarke broke into the department's bunker to steal classified files.[2]

Double Trouble (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 23 002.png

Being sent to stop the infiltrators Double Trouble and the others attacked trying to keep the intruders busy as Killspree slipped behind them. With his surprise attack a failure thanks to Hammer, who was keeping on eye on them while secretly downloading the files they came for, Weapon P.R.I.M.E. pressed the attack. When Grizzly blasted through a sewer above them, team leader Tigerstryke ordered the twins to hit them with a Strafing Fire maneuver. But the intruders managed to make it into the sewers and even as the twins right behind Tigerstryke gave chase, Domino and Grizzly escaped in Hammer's RV that transformed into a jet.[1]

The Quick and the Dead

Despite Alpha Flight being suspended for the foreseeable future Northstar would not stand down and continued his activities[3]. Wanting Weapon P.R.I.M.E. to replace Alpha Flight as Canada’s preeminent superhero team, General Clarke sent Double Trouble and the team to capture and remove Northstar from the public eye under Military Ordinance B-6345.[4][5]

Double Trouble and the others headed to Northstar's villa on the coast of Ibiza, Spain; where they spotted a car and, believing it was their target Yeti, caused a distraction where the twins hit the car with a bio-generated plasma attack. With the car off the road, they moved in, but unfortunately, they found that they had attacked the wrong guy. After ransacking Northstar's villa and learning that he just had given them the slip, they were able to track him due to Tigerstryke's suit's tracking tech.[4]

Finding Northstar in Paris (France) choosing not to come peacefully, they were forced to fight back. While Yeti and Killspree engaged, the twins readied an attack, but even after dodging Yeti and taking a hit from Killspree, he threw Killspree into the twins' plasma charge causing an explosion.[4]

Double Trouble (Earth-616) from Northstar Vol 1 3 002.png

With Northstar having escaped Tigerstryke and Yeti, they tracked him down to Zuyevo, Russia; but this time Northstar was gonna give up and let them arrest him. Not sure what to make of it the twins tried to warn Killspree as he got hit from behind by a thrown crowbar. With him briefly down they were attacked by circus performers. Outnumbered, the twins were separated and unable to use their symbiotic powers. Hearing Northstar telling Tigerstryke that the civilians were under mind-control by Arcade, the twins and the others hold off the people as Tigerstryke and Northstar destroyed Arcade's mind-control device. Once the people were free, Killspree warned them the local law was coming, they no longer wanted to but were under orders went to arrest Northstar. Just then the power went out and none of them could see, save for Tigerstryke who was about to make his move when a mystery attacker (Guardian) blasted Tigerstryke stopping him from cutting off Northstar's escape.[6] Despite tracking Northstar to New Orleans, Tigerstryke called off the hunt.[5]



Gestalt Plasma Generation: Double Trouble are mutant, twin sisters that share a symbiotic link that allows them to produce plasma charges when in close contact of one another. The twins can fire these plasmablasts for range attacks or use the plasma link between them to strike enemies. They are also able to use their psionic link to fly and communicate with one another. If they are separated, their powers are nullified.


Double Trouble seem to require physical proximity to use their powers.

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