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Powell’s early history is not known, but Silver Sable has indicated that, much like the Crippler, no other employer would consider him despite his skills, given his poor reputation and past deeds. What those deeds were is unclear, but Powell bragged at one point that he once had been the bodyguard of the Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Wizard, despite not being a Klan member himself.[2]

Powell was a core member of the Wild Pack’s “A” team, operating directly along with Silver Sable, after having been selected for his stamina. This generated tension between him and Chen, and later even greater tension between him and Battlestar when the black superhuman fighter joined the team. Powell’s cousin, Samantha, later joined Silver Sable International as a PR specialist ; her interest in Battlestar particularly distressed Powell. [1] Eventually, Powell would make an effort to mellow out his sexism and racism. [3]

Powers and Abilities


Powell is a tough, professional soldier who’s afraid of no man and more than ready to mix it up. While he’s not very smart or highly competent, he makes up for this with an incredible capacity to soak blows and withstand pain.



Various firearms.

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