This incarnation of Douglas Carmody is only seen in flashbacks during the "Power Pack: Day One" miniseries, which takes place over a year before the rest of the Power Pack stories.

Douglas Carmody was head of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. He hired Dr. James Power to create for him a device that could transform matter into antimatter. In secret however, he was in league with an alien race called The Snarks. They had provided him with the knowledge of antimatter which allowed him to attain his current position, and it was on their advice that he hired Dr. Power to finish the device. The device itself was, in fact, a copy of a similar device that had at one point destroyed the Snark homeworld: the Annihilator.

When the Annihilator was successfully completed however, the Snarks double crossed Carmody and abducted Dr. Power in hopes of getting their hands on the design for the Annihilator. Carmody was left with only the prototype Annihilator that Dr. Power had already created. Not wanting to loose a potential profit, he decided to test the device despite not knowing anything about it, and in doing so started an anti-matter chain reaction that threatened to destroy the entire Earth. Power Pack interfered just in time and send the device into space, saving the Earth.

In the aftermath of these events, Carmody was arrested and so far has not been seen since. It’s unknown if he will ever seek out Power Pack again and become their arch-nemesis, like his Earth-616 counterpart did.

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