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Douglas MacArthur (1903-1951) was a member of the United States Army during most of his life, serving in World War I, World War II and the Korean War before retiring from the military. For more information about his actual history, refer to his Wikipedia entry...

History in the Marvel Universe

General Douglas MacArthuer was given command during the Pacific Theater of World War II. Stationed at his General Headquarters in the South Pacific, he mostly oversaw the battle against Imperial Japan. In the spring of 1942, he met the Sub-Mariner who came to G.H.Q. after rescuing an American spy from Japanese forces on Manila Bay.[1]

Later on in fall 1944, he was saved from Japanese assassins by Captain America and Bucky.[2] In October of 1944, MacArthur received intelligence that the Japanese were planning to tunnel from Mount Fuji to the United States and deployed Captain America and Bucky to foil the plot.[3] Later, he saw battle in Korea.[4]

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