Cypher was a super-intelligent, slightly geeky but amicable computer programmer who gained international prominence by winning over 100 consecutive games on the American TV game show Jeopardy.[1]

He joined Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow as a student although being human and not mutant, but Frost's school does not distinguish between different varieties of "gifted".[2]

Cypher was instrumental in helping free Lorna Dane from prison. Traffic camera footage of Dane's apparent magnetically-induced murder of several people had been reviewed time and again to no avail. Douglas decided to review the tapes of the incident and gained information to clear Lorna's name.[3]


In the aftermath of the Ultimatum event and the bombings of the Academy of Tomorrow by Multiple Man under orders by Magneto, Cypher was revealed to have been killed in the incident.[4]

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Doug is a highly intelligent young man with a natural talent for computer hacking,[5] as well as a gift for languages whether they're spoken, written, transmitted, or encrypted.[6]

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