Doug Ramsey relocated to Avalon, a safe haven for those wishing to escape Apocalypse's rule and live in peace located in the a temperate zone of Antarctica. The young boy was taken in by Avalon's leader Destiny as though he was her own son. Cypher provided a field that allowed everybody to understand each other despite speaking different languages.

Eventually, Nightcrawler and Mystique came to Avalon seeking to bring Destiny back to America so that she could aid the X-Men in restoring the fractured time line. They were introduced to young Doug. Shortly after the sanctuary was attacked by Apocalypse's Pale Riders.[2] Doug blamed Nightcrawler and Mystique for leading Apocaylpse's forces to their home. In the ensuing battle the Shadow King took control of Mystique and attempted to kill Destiny. Doug jumped in the path of the bullets fired, sacrificing himself to save Destiny's life. The heroes destroyed the Shadow King, and with Avalon in flames Destiny agreed to accompany them back to America.[3]


Cypher had the ability to translate any language instantaneously. He was able to extend this ability over a distance, creating an anti-Babel effect so that everyone in Avalon could understand everyone else. He also had limited telepathic senses, allowing him to detect the Shadow King when his power sensed two minds translating languages in a single body.

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