The X-Men sanctuary was destroyed when Holocaust and Apocalypse's Infinite Soldiers invaded the Savage Land in pursuit of Cypher. The X-Men fought Holocaust to prevent Cypher's capture, and several were killed when they removed Holocaust's armor causing him to violently explode.

Cypher was later found alive by Apocalypse's servants and taken to Apocalypse's capital of New Cairo (formerly New York City). Cypher was interrogated by Mister Sinister's Prelates, Scott and Alex Summers. The interrogation failed to get any information, and Cypher was sent to the Human Compound. While being held, Cypher overheard a conversation between the Summers Brothers and human representatives, the subject being a deadly virus that could wipe out mutantkind but leave humans unscathed. Cypher was later rescued by the X-Men.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Douglas Ramsey of Earth-295.

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