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When Batroc's Brigade attempted to steal the Atomic Inverter X-99 from a Roxxon facility Doug Taggert, as Grasshopper, was attempting to protect his employer's assets when Squirrel Girl, Doorman, and Flatman arrived. Together they battled the Brigade. During a lull in the proceedings, Doorman asked Grasshopper to join his group. Grasshopper agreed. Seconds later, Zaran threw a sai at Doorman, who reflexively teleported it through himself, and it struck Grasshopper between the eyes, killing him instantly.[2]




  • Although the character appeared in a metanarrative with Squirrel Girl in G.L.A. #1, Grasshopper did not enter the main narrative until the second issue.
  • Grasshopper holds the record for the shortest active membership on any superhero team. He is killed one page after accepting membership into the G.L.A. Monkey Joe counted it at 5.8 seconds.
  • Doug was only active as Grasshopper for two weeks before dying.[2]

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