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Doug Thompson was serving at a remote RCMP station alongside a records officer by the name of Anne MacKenzie. When Anne was placed under arrest by her superiors for abandoning her post, Doug gave her his support even after she escaped. When she later returned, she met with Doug and revealed that she was, in fact, the heroine known as Snowbird. She admitted that she had very strong feelings for him and he confessed his love for her. At first, Narya denied her feelings, but eventually the two found happiness together and even married. [citation needed]

When Narya seemed to be quite ill, she asked for Shaman's help. Doug flew her to Tamarind Island to seek out Alpha Flight. When Shaman returned he announced that Narya was pregnant. Doug, who had been raised in the world of science, didn't react to the magickal nature of Narya's pregnancy. In fact, he attempted to 'kidnap' her away from Alpha Flight, but she made him trust Shaman. [citation needed]

Shaman summmoned spirits and the aid of Dr Strange to find a suitable birthplace, in the arctic tundra. However, Talisman had tricked her father. There was indeed a great deal of power at the birthing place, but she concealed the fact that it was evil. When Narya and Doug's son was born, the being Pestilence took over the body of the child. While Alpha Flight battled Pestilence, he escaped leaving Doug and Narya. Narya was distraught over the entire situation which was compounded by the fact that her parents (the gods) had now forsaken her for choosing humanity over godhood. [citation needed]

Narya, in a deep state of depression, gave up the search for her child and resumed her role in Alpha Flight. Doug did not give up so easily and finally tracked Pestilence to the northern mining town of Burial Butte. Pestilence had caused a horrible plague there, to which Doug fell victim. He died shortly after telling Alpha Flight where they could find Shaman, Snowbird and Pestilence. Sadly, Doug was soon joined by his infant son and beloved wife in death. However, Narya's family let them all enter Paradise in the afterlife.[citation needed]

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Thompson was a trained police officer.

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