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After a radioactive Ray Charles record fell on his head when he was young, the man who would become Dourdevil found that he was as blind as a bat but his singing was terrific. He donned a costume for unknown reasons and made his base of operations in Noo Yawk City. Or possibly Detroit. Whichever one it was, it was a grim and gritty and realistic city, full of big black buildings with little white squares on, and water towers and manholes and lots of other gritty stuff. And hundreds of giant black men in vests and woollen hats carrying large radios. Gritty? Realistic? Buddy, you don't know the half of it.

While standing on a dead dog, Dourdevil mistook it for a fur rug and assumed he was in the Playboy Mansion. He accidentally killed the Tiepin of Crime before battling first the mentally disturbed Pigseye (who stabbed himself through the head with a cotton bud) and then the enigmatic Erektra, who stopped fighting him when she realized that he was, in fact, blind.


  • The strip was a one-off satirizing Frank Miller's Daredevil series.
  • Dourdevil's chest symbol changed in every panel.
  • Dourdevil's horns also change in some panels, at one point becoming Mickey Mouse ears.

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