Quote1.png I've got to get Perrone myself and alive! I'll use my pipe as a gun! Quote2.png
-- Dr. Doyle Denton src


Doyle "Doc" Denton was a police detective who also was an expert surgeon. In 1940, when the criminal known as Perrone was wanted by police, Denton impersonated the criminal's physician Dr. Stewart in order to trick Perrone into a trap. Pretending to be cash strapped, he accepted a bribe from Perrone's men. Sure enough, when Perrone took a bullet, Denton was brought to their hideout to patch him up. Telling his nurse to call the police, Denton posed as an unwitting accomplice and was "arrested" with the gang. However, the leader Perrone managed to escape.

Believing that he had gained Perrone's trust, Denton tracked the criminal to the small town of Louisville where he once more was founded by Perrone's men. Perrone needed his services because he had been shot during a robbery again. However, when Denton attempted to trick criminals into thinking they had contracted an eye infection, Perrone wasn't so quick to trust Denton. Planning to temporarily blind his enemies with a medicine, Denton had to first inject it to his nurse, knowing no permanent harm would come to her.

As the criminals were all injected, Denton called the police and kept Perrone and his men subdued by threatening them with a fake gun. The police soon arrived and arrested them. Denton's subsequent activities are unknown.[1]


Denton was a capable detective and surgeon. With his understanding of psychology, he was a skilled hustler.[2]

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