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Doyle Dormammu is the son of Dormammu and one of the first students of Strange Academy. He was paired with Iric as his roommate, a relationship that had been rocky from the start.[3] When Iric was cast to Hell as punishment for his tardiness, Doyle dropped a sarcastic comment in front of the whole class, which prompted Magik to also send him there, where they spent the rest of the day fighting against demons for their lives.[4] As time passed, he grew fond of his fellow classmate Emily Bright, but thought she didn't notice him.[5]

After Calvin Morse disappeared playing Door Tag, his magical jacket came to warn the students that he was being held in a swamp. Confident they were capable of handling it with their little training, Calvin's closest friends decided to rescue him without warning the school's faculty. When they got there however, the situation was harder than anticipated and Doyle was killed. Emily, who had just confessed she thought Doyle was cute, unleashed her full power against the enemy by siphoning her power along with Doyle's, but this proved too much for her body and mind, and she fainted.[6]

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When the faculty arrived to end the threat and rescue their students, Doctor Strange assisted Emily and brought her to the Medical Room at the School, alongside Doyle's corpse. After being healed by Hoggoth as part of a deal with Strange, Emily tried to travel to the Dark Dimension to ask Doyle's father for help, but failed to navigate through the obscure dimension. Finally accepting the fate of her dear friend, she then gave him a farewell kiss on the forehead, inadvertently bringing him back to life.[2]

Despite Hoggoth's intervention, Emily still wasn't fully cured. When Doyle realized everything she had done for him, he reached Doctor Strange and offered a bit of himself to forge the Ring of Dread, meant to keep Emily safe. Afterwards, he started attending counseling sessions with Adjunct Professor Dead Girl.[7]

During a visit to Asgard, Doyle and Emily finally had some alone time and they shared their first kiss.[8] During a lesson in "time-walking", Doyle overshot a portal and ended up many years in the future. There, he saw Strange Academy in ruins and him and Emily as brutal enemies. Before he could see more of this, however, he was pulled back by Doctor Voodu. Seeing this, convinced him he was on a path to becoming like his father, so the next day he dropped out of Strange Academy.[9]

Powers and Abilities


Faltine Physiology: Like his father, Doyle appears to be composed of pure mystic energy.[3][10]

  • Pyrokinesis: He's able to create and control fire.[3][1]
  • Magic Manipulation: He has been shown to channel and generate raw mystical power from his body, allowing him to cast and counteract powerful spells as well as travel inter-dimensionally by creating portals through the Dark Dimension.[2]
    • Cloaking Spell: He is able to hide himself and his allies from the optical sight of his enemy.[5]
    • Clairvoyance[5]
    • Time Walking: He can open portals to the past or future.[9]

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