Drákula was the vampire duck who terrified the Duck District in New Quack City, one of the many domains of Battleworld.

When he attacked a defenseless civilian in order to drink her blood, Drákula was confronted by Blade, the Vampire-Slayer. They quickly engaged in a fight and ended up breaking into The Dirty Mallard, where Blade was attacked by Howard the Duck, who was enraged by a human mistreating one of his fellow ducks. While they fought, Drákula called for his pets to aid him. When Blade and Howard finally ended their fight, as Howard realized the duck he was defending was a vampire, Drákula commanded his minions to attack them. Overwhelmed, they couldn't fight him. Luckily for them, a vampire-slayer duck showed up and killed Drákula, ending his threat once and for all.[1]


Seemingly those of the Dracula of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Dracula of Earth-616.

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