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Appearing in "How to Ward Off Vampires"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "How to Ward Off Vampires"

One page article on how Vampires are warded off in different countries.

Appearing in "The Lady Who Collected Dracula"

Featured Characters:

  • Lou Garver

Supporting Characters:

  • Ursula Lensky
  • Anton Rizzoli


Synopsis for "The Lady Who Collected Dracula"

Continued from last issue...

When Dracula killed his wife, ex-beat cop Lou Garver is forced to drive a stake into his wife's heart to prevent her from coming back as a vampire. He would rejoin the force determined to get revenge against the man who turned his wife into a creature of the night: Dracula.

Brought to the chief of police when he's found, Lou insists that his wife has been turned into a vampire and demands to be allowed out to kill again. The chief cannot buy into Lou's story and warns him against going out on the beat unless Lou wants to be charged with Murder One.

Meanwhile, Dracula seeks out a man named Rizzoli who looted his castle. He breaks into the thief's home and finds himself attacked by the man himself, who manages to ward Dracula off with a crucifix forcing the vampire lord to flee.

Learning of an auction for an ancient journal said to be written by Vlad Dracula, Lou goes to the auction and witnesses as a woman purchases it for five thousand dollars. The auctioneer is none other than Rizzoli. Lou pays the auctioneer off to learn the woman's name and address. The auctioneer only knows the woman's name, and tells him she is Ursula Lensky and that she didn't opt to have the book delivered to her home, unaware that Dracula is on site and has taken interest in the woman was well.

Following Ursula to her home, Dracula reveals himself to this woman who is obsessed with his life and uses his hypnotic powers to make her go to Rizzoli's home and repossess his stolen items. Lou would arrive shortly after Dracula has fed upon Ursula. Finding blood on the scene, Lou would call for back up to meet him at Rizzoli's auction house. Arriving on the scene, they would find the now vampiric Ursula feeding upon Rizzoli. The officers would keep Ursula at bay with crosses until Lou can drive a stake into her heart.

Witnessing the event, the chief orders Lou back on active duty, a role that he gladly accepts hoping that he may catch the man responsible for his wife's death. Lou will never get that chance, because not far away Dracula is arranging to have his stolen goods returned with him to Transylvania.

Appearing in "Scarlet in Glory!"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "Scarlet in Glory!"

A lone woman walks the streets of a Romanian town, when she is attacked by a mysterious man in the shadows and drained of her blood. The people of the town assume that it is Dracula and put up crosses and spread the news of the so called "vampire attacks".

When Dracula himself comes to town he is shocked to find that the people of the village have prepared for his coming. Seeing the newspaper reports, Dracula can only guess who's responsible. Dracula crashes into the home of Count Vryslaw, a man who has been preparing for Dracula's arrival. Although he as all of Dracula's weaknesses on hand, the aging count can only keep Dracula back. He leads the vampire king (armed with a cross bow aimed at Dracula's heart) to the upper chamber of the castle where he reveals that his wife -- turned into a vampire by Dracula some 20 years before -- locked in a cage.

Vryslaw reveals that he had been stalking the streets and killing people so that he could feed her. Vryslaw attempts to fire an arrow at Dracula but the vampire lord turns into mist and the shot misses. Dracula mocks the elderly counts ability to keep him from freeing his wife. However, Vryslaw has accounted for this, and uses some of the blood from his last victim to smear the shape of the cross on the wall. While Dracula is at bay, Vryslaw fires an arrow and kills his wife before he succumbs to a heart attack himself, denying Dracula of any sort of revenge.

Appearing in "A Night in the Unlife"

Featured Characters:

  • Julie Chambers

Supporting Characters:

  • Jimmy Hodges


Synopsis for "A Night in the Unlife"

Dracula and his possessions are being taken across the country aboard a train. That night Dracula rises from his coffin seeking to feed once more. He considers feeding on a caged dog that barks angrily at him, but dismisses the notion as beneath him and decides to stalk the nearby town and flies off in bat form.

As Dracula stalks for a suitable victim, Jimmy and his girlfriend Julie are at a drive-in diner discussing their future together. They want to get married but Jimmy has concerns about money and his ability to finish college. Impatient and unwilling to wait for real money to come in, Julie suggests that Jimmy should rob a bank or a jewelry store. Jimmy is hesitant at first, but Julie manages to convince him to break into a nearby jewelry store.

Meanwhile, Dracula attempts to attack a man heading home from the bar to spend the rest of the evening with his wife. However, when Dracula attempts to attack the man, he fights back and eventually their scuffle brings others out of the bar which forces Dracula to flee to avoid facing overwhelming odds.

Dracula then comes across Julie just as Jimmy has broken into a nearby jewelry store and begins stealing the jewels he finds. Jimmy walks out of the building just as Dracula has finished feeding on Julie and the vampire lord flees as the police arrive, leaving Jimmy behind to face the police. In the wake of Dracula's time in this town, the man he attacked earlier goes home to his wife and the two are thankful that he wasn't killed in his encounter with the king of the vampires. While, Jimmy is found by the police who tell him the jewels he took were only glass mock ups, however Jimmy could care less now that the love of his life is now dead.

Dracula meanwhile returns to the train where his coffin is stored and finds the unruly dog sleeping, Dracula takes the curs cue and retires for the coming dawn.

Appearing in "Twice Dies the Vampire"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "Twice Dies the Vampire"

1903: In Madrid, Spain, Dracula is watched by strange man in shadow named Carlos Muerte, who has become interested in putting Dracula to one final death. Witnessing Dracula feeding upon a fresh victim, Muerte disappears before Dracula notices that he is being watched. Carlos goes to a nearby tavern and tells people that woman is being attacked. Leading a mob outside, they attack Dracula and pin him down, and Carlos hands one of the attackers a stake which they drive into Dracula's heart causing him to dissolve into a skeleton.

Dracula's remains would be placed in a tomb, where two months later some grave robbers would break in seeking to collect any riches that might be within it. They would foolishly remove the stake from Dracula's corpse causing Dracula to be revived, and his first order of business would be to feast upon the men responsible for his resurrection. Still furious over his defeat, Dracula would go to a nearby pub and demand to know the location of Carlos Muerte. He would find Muerte and chase after him, however he would be caught unaware when the sun would rise before he knew it and would disintegrate into dust.

However, this would not be the end of Dracula, as even in death he could still call out to one of his brides to come to Spain from Transylvania. The obedient vampire would travel out to Spain with a coffin containing dirt from Dracula's native Transylvania. Placing Dracula's ashes within it, the vampire lord would be restored to life.

Muerte would then appear before Dracula and reveal itself to be Death. Death explains that it has considered Dracula to be it's greatest rival because he denies it souls whenever Dracula turns someone into a vampire. However, Death has realized that for whatever reasons it cannot take Dracula's soul either and the two decide to make a truce of sorts. Death departs, warning Dracula that although it may not be able to end his existence one day there might come someone who can.

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