Dragon's Claws were the best Game team.


Dragon's Claws were a Game team founded by Dragon in 8155. The team quickly rose to Division Three (Rogue League).[5]

In 8157, Shonin Ikeda replaced Megaton as the team's blocker, assuming the Game title Steel.[6] This strengthened the team and led them to the top league, to winning the multi-nation league final, and becoming champions of champions. Apart from Dragon and Steel, the team consisted of Digit, Mercy and Scavenger.

Following the Game descending into bloody chaos, Dragon pulled his team out of competitions in 8158.[2]

In 8162, the old team was reactivated by the decision of the National Union of Retired Sports Experts (N.U.R.S.E.) to serve as government enforcers.[2]

Their first assignment was to eliminate another ex-Game team, the Evil Dead. While the mission was successful, two of the Evil Dead members managed to escape.[3]

They were sent to liberate Channel City from the army of the High Father[4] and to France as back up for Dragon but instead were drawn into a land dispute between local Baron Cardon and Baron Rocheau.[7]



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