Quote1 Seems that some days no-one knows what a door's for, doesn't it? Quote2
-- Dragon

Appearing in "Wild in the Country!"

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  • Gescaux's car (Only appearance)[1] (Destruction)
  • La Folie vehicle (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Wild in the Country!"

After a French rebel group La Folie took Raymond Golding, the World Development Council's ambassador to Greater Britain, hostage and threatened to kill him if two of their comrades are not returned to them, Dragon is tasked with performing the exchange. The rest of Dragon's Claws get mired in a conflict between local barons, leaving him without backup.

As Trevalle, the leader of La Folie impatiently waits to make the exchange, his second-in-command, Colonel Gescaux tries to prevent it, lest Trevalle learns about his betrayal. Under attack from Gescaux and his coterie, Dragon is out of time. He realizes he would not be able to defeat Gescaux and make the rendezvous. Persuaded that Legris, one of his charges, is a man of honor, Dragon releases them on the condition that they will do the same for Golding when they reach the rendezvous point.

His plan works. Soon after he defeats Gescaux's forces and meets with his team, they see the liberated Golding approaching them.

Meanwhile, a menacing figure appears in the 'Pool in a flash of light.

Appearing in 2nd story

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Synopsis for 2nd story

One-page story.


  • Sequence 1 Wild in the Country!
  • The last page was reprinted in Incomplete Death's Head #1. This reflected the beginning of the tradition of last-page cliffhangers introducing the next issue and, hence, being topically more connected to that than to the issue of publication.
  • Golding's first name is given as "William" in FASTFAX and as "Raymond" in the comic story proper. This discrepancy was later reconciled in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 4 #17, where he is featured as "William Raymond Golding".

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