20th Century

The Dragon-Men come from the planet Ligra. They were constantly in conflict against the other dominant race on their planet, the Lion-People. In 1937, Jago leader of the Dragon-Men seeked to conquer Ligra by usurping the Lion-People's Queen Nara. To this end, he traveled to Earth and kidnapped Professor Zog and his invention, the robot known as Electro[1].

Taken to Ligra, Zog was tortured and forced into sending Electro to attack the Lion-People, ousting Queen Nara from her palace. However, Zog broke free and used Electro to overthrow Jago and his minions. They reinstalled Nara as ruler of Ligra[2].

Modern Age

In the modern age, a Dragon-Man named Dragoon was recruited by Howard the Duck to be a member of the Ducky Dozen who were on a mission for ARMOR to wipe out a zombie plague that had spread on Earth-12591, a world where the Nazis used the plague to win World War II[3]. Dragoon and his teammates teamed up with the Suffragists (the last surviving heroes of that world) on their quest to destroy the Death Spore Flower, the cause of the zombie plague[4]. Ultimately, Dragoon was bitten by the zombified Asgardian the Executioner and turned into a zombie. Dragoon was then slain by his teammate Battlestar[5].


Habitat: Earth-Like
Gravity: Earth-Like
Atmosphere: Earth-Like


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: The Dragon-Men are technologically advanced, they have invented powerful bombs, bazookas, ray-guns, high powered telescopes, high-speed vehicles, and space travel technology that allows them interstellar travel.
Cultural Traits: The Dragon-Men are a tyrannical race of would be conquerors and are very war like.
Representatives: King Jago, Zoor


Additional details gleaned from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. 14

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