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Dragon #88 was the first issue featuring The Marvel-Phile section, as announced in the cover.

Dragon #88 was the first issue featuring The Marvel-Phile section, as announced in the cover.

Dragon was a role-playing game magazine published by TSR, Inc. From 1984 to 1993, Dragon published 83 articles related to the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game, most of them including information and role-playing game statistics for several Marvel characters.


Dragon was a role-playing game magazine published by TSR, Inc. and focusing mostly, but not exclusively, in material for their roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Launched in 1976 with the name The Dragon, it changed to just Dragon from #39 (July, 1980) onward. The magazine was published in print up until #359 (September, 2007), continuing as an online publication until #430 (December, 2013), and then a digital publication by Wizards of the Coast, Dragon+, replaced it completely since 2015.

Dragon began publishing a semi-periodic section for 78 issues about the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game, called The Marvel-Phile, starting in #88 (August, 1984) and continuing until #198 (October, 1993). Most of The Marvel-Phile articles included descriptions, role-playing statistics, and rules for Marvel characters in the role-playing game, sometimes adding small sub-sections about additional rules or updates to existing information (such as changes in a character's powers and stats due to whatever happened to that character in the comics). Other articles included background and general information about Marvel characters and teams, detailed rules, an index of what characters appear in what TSR, Inc. publications, or answers to questions sent by the fans. The column did not appear in every issue of Dragon, and on two occassions, a single issue had two The Marvel-Philes (#96, including one article for parodic characters and one serious article; and #126, including two articles about horror characters).

Dragon also published twenty more articles related to the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game that were not under The Marvel-Phile headline, and one role-playing adventure, Sudden Dawn.

The current article includes a table to list the topics covered in each of the articles, both The Marvel-Phile and otherwise.

The Marvel-Phile

List of The Marvel-Phile articles
Issue Article title Author Contents
#88 The Marvel-Phile Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Thor, Loki and Ulik, with their role-playing game stats.
#89 The Marvel-Phile Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Sub-Mariner and Tiger Shark, with their role-playing game stats.
#91 The Marvel-Phile Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Cloak and Dagger, with their role-playing game stats. Rules on the use of drugs and alcohol.
#92 The Heralds of Galactus! Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Silver Surfer, Nova and Terrax, with their role-playing game stats.
#93 The Avengers, Part II Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Mockingbird and Shroud, with their role-playing game stats.
#94 Unfriendly Neighborhood Spider-foes Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Hobgoblin, Kingpin of Crime, and Spider-man's suit (Alien symbiote), with their role-playing game stats.
#95 Pumping Iron, Part I Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Tony Stark, abd Iron Man Armor Model 4, with their role-playing game stats.
#96 Not Quite the Marvel-Phile Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Howard the Duck, Iron Duck Suit, The Fabulous Frog-Man (as Eugene Paul Colorito), and Willy Lumpkin, with their role-playing game stats.
#96 Pumping Iron, Part 2 Jeff Grubb Introduces several (then-recent) armors of Iron Man: New Iron Man Armor, Iron Man Space Armor, Iron Man Stealth Armor, with their role-playing game stats.
#97 O, Canada! Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of Talisman, Box, Guardian, Guardian Armor, with their role-playing game stats.
#98 Where the heroes are! Jeff Grubb An index of characters that have appeared in TSR publications to that date.
#99 Back in the U.S.S.R. Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of the Soviet Super-Soldiers (Vanguard, Darkstar, Ursa Major and Gremlin), with their role-playing game stats.
#100 Defenders Ensemble! Jeff Grubb Describes the backstory of several Defenders, including Gargoyle, Cloud, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), with their role-playing game stats.
#101 Return to Asgard Jeff Grubb Beta Ray Bill, Skuttlebutt and Sif.
#102 Marvelous Impossibilities Jeff Grubb Impossible Man.
#103 Vox Populi Jeff Grubb Three characters chosen by the audience at the Gen Con 18 convention: Armadillo, Count Nefaria, and Hyperion (Supreme Squadron).
#104 All this and World War II![notes 1] Jeff Grubb Bucky, Baron Zemo I, Baron Strucker.
#105 Why does it have to be snakes? Jeff Grubb The Serpent Society: Asp, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Diamondback and Rattler.[notes 2]
#106 Alpha and Omega, part I Jeff Grubb Madison Jeffries, Vindicator (Vindicator Suit), Delphine Courtney.
#107 Alpha and Omega, part II Jeff Grubb Omega Flight's Smart Alec, Diamond Lil, Flashback, Wild Child, Scramble, Deadly Ernest, Nemesis.
#108 Up to Our Navels in Little Blue Geeks Jeff Grubb From Kitty's Fairy Tale: Bamf, Mean, Pirate Kitty, Lockheed the Dragon (big Lockheed), Shagreen.
#109 The Second Annual Roster of Heroes Jeff Grubb An update to the index of the Marvel characters that have appeared in TSR publications.
#110 Riders on the storm Jeff Grubb Ghost Rider I (Carter Slade), Ghost Rider II (Lincoln Slade), Ghost Rider III (Johnny Blaze), Ghost Rider IV (Hamilton Slade).
#111 O, Lucky Man Jeff Grubb Longshot.
#114 To the Moon! Jeff Grubb Inhumans, Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus Boltagon, Crystal, Gorgon Petragon, Karnak, Triton.
#115 And now, Terminus... Jeff Grubb Terminus.
#116 Caught in the Crossfire Jeff Grubb Crossfire, the Death-Throws: Ringleader, Oddball, Tenpin, Bombshell, Knickknack.
#117 Day of the Marauders Jeff Grubb Marauders: Scalphunter, Arclight, Harpoon, Scrambler, Riptide, Vertigo, Sabretooth, Malice, Blockbuster, Prism.
#119 An X-tra X-Man Jeff Grubb Psylocke.
#120 Welcome to the Machine Douglas A. Lent Machine Man of future year 2020 and Midnight Wreckers: Brain, Slick, Hassle, Swift and the Ancient Wrecker.
#121 The Return of Ms. Marvel Jeff Grubb Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura, Power Broker, Inc. augmentation process, its successful augments and its Failed Augments.
#122 Evolutionary Thought Jeff Grubb High Evolutionary, Bova.
#123 The Rest of the Heralds Jeff Grubb Air-Walker, Firelord, Destroyer.
#124 The All-New Incredible Hulk--and Hulkbusters! Jeff Grubb The gray Hulk, the Hulkbusters (Samuel J. La Roquette, Carolyn Parmentor, Craig Saunders Jr., Dr. Armand Martel, Hideko Takata) and their technology (Hulkbuster Walker Vehicle, Hulkbuster Flyer Vehicle, Hulkbuster Body Armor, Neuro-Neutralizer).
#125 From Abomination to Zzzax Jeff Grubb The Abomination (Tyrannus), Zzzax and Doc Samson.
#126 Big Drac Attack Jeff Grubb Dracula.
#126 A Marvel Monster-Phile Jeff Grubb Frankenstein's Monster, the Living Mummy, Werewolf By Night, Vampires.
#127 One Thing After Another Jeff Grubb Alternate versions of Benjamin Grimm from the solo Adventure Gamebook Thing: One Thing After Another: Thing Kong, Thingpin and Doctor Grimm.
#128 American Dreams and Nightmares Jeff Grubb Captain America (John Walker), Bucky (Lemar Hoskins), Dr. Karl Malus, Demolition Man, Flag-Smasher, ULTIMATUM.
#129 Justice is Served! (part 1) Jeff Grubb Victims of the Scourge of the Underworld: Enforcer, Miracle Man, Hate-Monger III, Megatak, Melter, Titania, Basilisk, Hammer, Anvil, Death Adder, Wraith, Fly, Blue Streak.
#130 Justice Is Served! (part 2) Jeff Grubb More victims of the Scourge of the Underworld: Bird-Man II, Turner D. Century, Cheetah, Commander Kraken, Cyclone, Firebrand, Grappler, Hellrazor, Hijacker, Jaguar, Letha, Mind-Wave, Mirage I, Rapier, Ringer, Shellshock, Steeplejack II, Vamp, and the Scourge himself.
#131 By the Immeasurable Girth of Volstagg! Jeff Grubb The Warriors Three: Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing, and Volstagg the Enormous
#132 Animal Crackers Jeff Grubb Rocket Raccoon, Halfworld, Halfworld Robots, Halfworld Humans, Wal Rus, Uncle Pyko, Judson Jakes, Killer Klowns, Lord Dyvyne.
#133 Four Years Later Jeff Grubb & David Martin Another update to the index of the Marvel characters that have appeared in TSR publications.
#137 A Visit from the Sage and Uatu the Watcher Skip Williams Uatu the Watcher (really Skip Williams) answers the fans' questions about the rule books. Stats for a Megalodon (prehistoric shark).
#141 Back from Earth-S: The Redeemers (part 1) David Edward Martin[notes 3] Earth-S characters: Master Menace and Professor Imam.
#143 Back From Earth-S: The Redeemers (Part 2) David Edward Martin Earth-S characters: Mink, Pinball and Remnant.
#146 Aunt May: Threat or Menace? Skip Williams Answering fans' questions.
#155 Dipped in magic, clothed in science Dale A. Donovan Captain Britain and Roma.
#156 'Orf wiv its 'ead!' Dale A. Donovan Crazy Gang: Executioner, Jester, Knave, Tweedledope.
#159 An empath and an apprentice Dale A. Donovan Topaz and Rintrah.
#161 'I love leftovers!' Chris Mortika, David Edward Martin, Scott Davis & William Tracy Dakota North and Stick.
#162 'Hi, My Dad's Vlad' Dale A. Donovan Lilith, Daughter of Dracula.
#163 Leftovers II: The Villains Chris Mortika, David Edward Martin, Scott Davis & William Tracy Nebulon and Solarr.
#165 Girl trouble Dale A. Donovan The Femme Fatales: Knockout, Whiplash, Mindblast and Bloodlust.
#167 The Lads from Liverpool Steven E. Schend Knight and Fogg.
#168 The times, they are a-changing... Steven E. Schend Details on changes in teams (Alpha Flights, Avengers, New Mutants, X-Men), character deaths (Warlock, Arranger, Destiny, Mandrill, Master Man I & II, Mister Sinister, Mystique, Nekra, Stonewall, Tombstone, Warrior Woman), character resurrections (Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Ghost Rider, Puck, Storm, Vindicator, Commander Hodge, Grim Reaper, Master Man & Warrior Woman, Thanos), and character powers (Doctor Druid, Hulk, Human Torch I, Lorna Dane, Master Man I, Puck, Red Wolf, Rogue, Spitfire, Union Jack III, Vindicator, Wolfsbane, Commander Hodge, Thanos, Tombstone) and miscelaneous changes (Deathlok, Hawkeye, Magneto, Molten Man, Sub-Mariner, Phantom Blonde, Quicksilver, Vision, Warrior Woman). Updated stats for Wolfsbane.
#169 Two ghosts with the most Dale A. Donovan Ghost, Ghost Rider.
#170 You can't keep a dead man down Steven E. Schend Commander Hodge, Grim Reaper. Also includes updates on Avengers West Coast, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Vindicator.
#171 Be careful what you wish for Steven E. Schend Darkhawk. Updates on Puck. Data corrections on #169.
#174 Lesser lights, part 1: A villain for all seasons Steven E. Schend Equinox.
#175 Lesser Lights II: Long-lost heroes Dale A. Donovan & Steven E. Schend The 3-D Man (Chuck and Hal Chandler) and the Blue Shield.
#176 Castaways I: Rookies of the Marvel Universe Scott Davis & Steven E. Schend La Bandera, Windshear, and Witchfire.
#177 Castaways II: Women, wicked and wily Scott Davis & Steven E. Schend Madame Hydra, Lady Deathstrike, Saturnyne. Also details on Demonica continent, Harry Osborn as Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Silver Sable's Outlaws, lyja impersonating Alicia Masters and Terrax possessing Genetech manager Harmon Furmintz.
#178 Castaways III: A god of lightning and a clone of thunder William Tracy Leir and Nobilus.
#179 Building Better Mousetraps--Or Better Villains Dale A. Donovan & Steven E. Schend Advice on villains. Sentinel (Orion Class), Hurricane (apparently original characters).
#181 Everything Uatu Knows: The Return of the Colossal Bulletin Box Steven E. Schend Details on changes on teams (Alpha Flight, Avengers, Earth Force, Kree envoys, Shi'ar envoys, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Excalibur, Guardians of the Galaxy), deaths (Vindicator, Legion, Magneto and his Acolytes, Donald Pierce, Shadow King), resurrections (Iron Fist, Colonel Mikhail Rasputin, Mystique, Silvermane, Terrax), and miscellaneous changes (Major Vance Astro, Black Knight, Dreadface, Her, Mandroids, Marvel Boy, Owl, Power Pack, Rhino, Speedfreek, Vulture).
#182 From within the lands of Doom Steven E. Schend Devices created by Doctor Doom that had been not included in the book Machines of Doom: Anesthetic Nose Plugs, Deflection Staff, Entropic Inducer, Null Time Sequencer.
#183 Crossing the dimensions to bring you new heroes Steven E. Schend Cerise and Colin McKay
#185 Heirs to the fallen empire Steven E. Schend Kree Starforce: Captain Atlas, Doctor Minerva, Korath the Pursuer, Shatterax, Supremor, and Ultimus.
#186 Creatures on the prowl James Lowder Gomdulla, the Living Pharaoh, Groot, the Monster from Planet X and Zzutak, the Thing That Shouldn't Exist.
#187 Along came the spiders Steven E. Schend Deathweb: Antro, Arachne and Therak .
#188 Super-Agents for super campaigns Steven E. Schend Super Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ivory, Knock-About, Psi-Borg, Violence.
#190 How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Sentinel? Steven E. Schend Answering fans' questions.
#192 Files from the Funhouse of Solitude Steven E. Schend Slapstick the living cartoon, Doctor Denton, Teddy
#195 The coming of the Gatherers! Steven E. Schend The Gatherers: Proctor, Cassandra, Magdalene, Sloth, Tabula.
#197 Heroes of the Streets Arise! Steven E. Schend New origins, secondary abilities and rank tables to generate characters.
#198 Monsters on the loose--again! James Lowder Grogg, the Nightmare from the Black Pit, Taboo, the Thing from the Murky Swamp, the Glop. Update on Groot, and rules on summoning and controlling undead.

Other Dragon articles

List of other Marvel articles in Dragon
Issue Article title Author Contents
#94 S.H.I.E.L.D. William Tracy Description of SHIELD, with members and technology; Nick Fury's profile.
#98 Return to the Viper's Pit Kim Eastland Corrections and explanation on the adventure Pit of the Viper.
#100 Defenders of the Future William Tracy Earth-691 Guardians of the Galaxy: Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Yondu Udonta, Starhawk, Aleta, Nikki.
#100 Creative Conjuring: A variant magic system for the MARVEL SUPER HEROES game Eric Walker Optional rules about magic.
#104 Sudden Dawn: A Marvel Superheroes Module William Tracy An adventure in 1941 featuring stats for the PCs Patriot, Miss America, Spirit of '76, Whizzer, Thin Man, Red Raven, Jack Frost, Blue Diamond and the NPC villains Baron Blood, Agent Axis, Master Man, Warrior Woman, U-Man, Iron Cross, and average BNazi soldiers and secret agents.
#105 The Big Guns William Wilson Goodson, Jr. Description and rules to use the military in the game.
#111 Phoenix Roger E. Moore Rules about the Phoenix and stats on The Phoenix as Jean Grey.
#112 Dire Invasion William Tracy Rom, Starshine I, Starshine II, Cindy Adams, Dire Wraiths, Rocketeers.
#118 The Warlock Redux Jon D. Martin Adam Warlock, Pip the troll, Gamora, Her.
#122 The Ultimate Addenda David Edward Martin Expansion for The Ultimate Powers Book.
#134 The Ultimate Addenda's Addenda David Edward Martin Further expansion for The Ultimate Powers Book.
#144 Red Guns William Wilson Goodson, Jr. Use of Soviet military in the game.
#150 Nobody Lasts Forever David Edward Martin Death in the game (post-mortem effects, longevity, resurrection).
#151 Son of the Ultimate Adenda David Edward Martin Answering fans questions about The Ultimate Powers Book.
#152 Spider-Man to Wed Vanna White! Fraser Sherman Description of the overlapping between the real world and the world in the game.
#154 'Who Was That Masked Android?' Marcus L. Rowland Rules and description about keeping a secret identity.
#157 Keep the Heroes Flying Carleton Tsui Plot ideas to focus the campaign in non-combat tasks.
#159 To the Ends of the Marvel Universe David Edward Martin Star travel rule.
#169 In Harm’s Way–At Home! Michael Hollinger Rules for Danger Rooms.
#178 The Game Wizards Steven E. Schend Details on the then-newest products published.
#180 Wear Your Best Suit! Justin Mohareb Advanced armored battlesuit rules.


  1. Not to be confused with the TSR adventure All This and World War II (without exclamation mark).
  2. Due to a typo, the name "Quincy McIver" is given to Cottonmouth, and Bushmaster is listed as "Real name unrevealed"; it is the other way round. Cottonmouth's name was eventually revealed as Burchell Clemens.
  3. The author of this article is not sure whether David Edward Martin (author of the article in #141) is the same person as David Martin (co-author of the article in #133).