Dragon Fang

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Dragon Fang
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Kwan Yu
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Xheng Hark
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The Dragon Fang is a Taiwan-based organized crime group. It is led by Kwan Yu, the boss of bosses and with the rest of the overlords of the Triad holds a monthly enclave on the island of Taiwan.[1] The syndicate is the largest Triad, operates worldwide, is involved in every type of criminal activity, and hires the best assassins in Asia.[2] Among their darkest criminal ventures are illegal drugs and pornography.[1] It has access to advanced technology, including wetware (bio-tech organisms) which let's them create their own Ultras (super humans).[1] The Dragon Fang also have access to military-grade equipment and weaponry (e.g. rocket launchers).[3] One of its most favored assassins, is the Ultra assassin Casino who does most of her work for the organization.[4] They also have their own team of superhumans (Dragonfire), which consisted of both mercenaries and Triad members whom are led by Casino.[5]


Dragon Fang wanted to take over the electronics company, Hypersonic and therefore murdered the founder, Lela Cho's father. With the Triad controlling the board of directors, they forced Lela Cho to sign over the company and afterwards planned to violate her and turn her into a slave working in pornography. She fought her way out of the boardroom and escaped.[6] She then formed her own team of mercenaries Solution, took the name "Tech", and waged war against Dragon Fang, striking at its operations around the world.[2] Eventually, the Solution fell into a trap setup by Casino and the Dragonfire team at a high-tech facility.[7] Solution was able to turn the tables, defeating Dragonfire, and captured Kwan Yu. They persuaded him to return Hypersonic to Lela Cho and pay $20 million in reparations, in exchange for his release and an end to Solution's war against the triad.[8]


Equipment: Wetware (bio-tech organisms / implants)
Weapons: Military-grade weapons

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