About 1 million years ago, Sligguth, son of Set, spawned the Dragon Kings and the similar-looking Serpent Men.[2]

Age of Dragons

In the times of elder Hyperborea,[1] around half-a million years ago,[4] giant reptiles ruled Earth, including Lemuria.[1] That time was known as the Age of Dragons.[5]

Among those giant reptiles rose kings and necromancers, the Dragon Kings, who had a wicked and cruel way of life. They built monolithic cities of black stone, and studied the dark arts.

Witnessing the Dragon Kings' evil, the Nineteen Gods created the first men: Phondath the Firstborn and his mate Evalla.[1]

Thousand Year War

Men built first Nemedis, their first city, then Althaar, Yb and Yaodar, and fought the Dragon Kings for dominance of Lemuria, during the Thousand Year War, first forced to retreat behind their cities' walls. Thungarth was eventually approached by the deity Father Gorm who offered him the Star Sword, imbued with the power of the Nineteen Gods, giving Men the strength to destroy the Dragon Kings,[1] ending the Age of Dragons and starting the Age of Men.[5]

Age of Men




Representatives: Sssaaa, High Priest of the Dragon Kings


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