Quote1 Great. We better stock up on more jars. Quote2
-- Taskmaster about Dragon Lord's son taking up his father's mantle src


For the story of his family, please refer to that article
Tako Shamara (Earth-616) from Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 12 0001

His father's remains handed over to him

Taking up the mantle

After Tako was killed at Camp Hammond by KIA, his teammates led by his instructors Triathlon and Taskmaster, and presented them on behalf of the President, the Initiative and the Nation their regards and offered a flag as a symbol of their appreciation for Tako's service.[2]

On that occasion, Tako's son decided to take up soon his father's mantle, by learning and mastering the art of Dragon summoning.[2]


It is currently unknown if he has acquired yet any abilities.

If he has, please refers to the powers of Tako Shamara.

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