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Various unnamed members
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Triads, Snakeheads[1], formerly the Hood's Gang
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Criminal gang, smugglers


The Dragon Lords emerged from four rival Chinese gangs known as the Dragon Gangs, in Chinatown, who were united by the White Dragon into one gang to control all crime in Chinatown. Among their criminal activities was a protection racket and it was as a recently established unified gang that they soon had a confrontation with Spider-Man.[2] Decades later, they would join the coalition of Chinese gangs that made up Mister Negative's Chinatown syndicate after he killed some of the White Dragon's men and then corrupted him to his side via use of his powers.[3]


The separation between the Dragon Lords and the Snakeheads is quite unclear: Yana Li seems to consider them as a same organization, but stating on the different declarations, they seems to be associates.[4]

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