Dragon of Heaven

Mandarin's Dragon of Heaven from Iron Man Vol 3 9
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Dragon of Heaven
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half a mile long[1]
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The Dragon of Heaven was created by the Mandarin, using outsourced scientists, to take over Russia. It was believed that the Dragon would invade all of Russia giving it a strong ruler, the Mandarin. The entire machine was so in tune that it repelled the Avengers and Winter Guard, along with toying with Iron Man.[1] The dragon not only repelled the defenders below but seemed almost invincible. The dragon finally fell not from the heroes below but because it’s power source was destroyed.[2]

The Dragon of Heaven was a massive robotic dragon base. It flew using anti-gravity generators, and was covered in an array of weapons. It used plasma cannons, missiles, it’s jagged teeth and it’s lengthy tail as weapons. Of it’s defenses it is covered in an electric field, and was able to refuse pieces disconnected from it.[1] The outer hull was impervious to energy attacks but when it parts of the hull was removed it only exposed more weaponry, and the hull itself was self-repairing. The machine was so sophisticated it could not be controlled by any other then the Mandarin. While the outside of the dragon was formidable the inside was too. Inside lasers, missiles, sonics, and magnetic whirlpools waited along with robotic guardians. The entire robot ran off of an experimental power-core.[2]

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