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Dragonus was summoned by Aelfric to defend him against the Werewolf by Night. Dragonus was much more powerful than the Werewolf but in the course of their battle he charged and tripped over the Werewolf, causing him to careen into Aelfric, goring his host body of Father Joquez. With no body left to inhabit, Aelfric's spirit dissipated and Dragonus disappeared back to his home realm.[3]

Years later, Marie Laveau summoned Dragonus to defend her from Dr. Strange's allies. Dragonus entered into combat with Rintrah, who eventually gained the upper hand and threatened to break the demon's neck. Laveau soon banished Dragonus back to his own realm.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Dragonus possesses possibly Class 10 superhuman strength. He also possesses large horns on his head with which he can gore his opponents.


Dragonus is a skilled warrior, swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant.


Dragonus dwells within an extradimensional realm and can be summoned by a spell from the Darkhold. If the spell is disrupted, he is banished back to that realm.



He wears partial body armour.


Dragonus wields both a large sword and axe.

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